Saturday, 26 May 2012

Am I a Hipster or am I a Muppet?

Blog Bomb and I doing our best Hipster Impression

So it would appear that I am beginning to tick the boxes that would equate to me being a full blown Hipster. Lately I do think that Hipsters are getting bad press, they're not all as douchey as the mainstream media make out. So what Hipster like attributes have befallen me:
  • Writes a Blog
  • Wears skinny jeans
  • Started using Instagram
  • Likes ascetically pleasingness (shops, restaurants etc.)
  • Goes antiquing

All this said there are more Hipster characteristics that I cannot measure up to:

  • Not too cool for anything
  • In fact never been cool
  • More of a Muppet really (this was made into 3 points for stress purposes)
  • Can't play synth
  • Can't play any instrument
  • I don't like things ironically, I like just like things, a lot of things
  • Not obsessed with triangle shapes
  • Never been on the list to any club or gig
  • Picture above aside don't actually wear glasses, I have 20/20 vision and would never wear a pair of empty frames
  • Don't wear anything if it's uncomfortable
  • Nothing retro on my necklace
  • I don't own a Fixie bike
  • My mustache hasn't fully filled in

I think deep down I may be slightly fascinated by the idea of Hipsters but there seems to be an awful amount of effort needed to actually be one. Seems absolutely exhausting. I think I'm happier being a Muppet in skinny jeans.


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