Sunday, 20 May 2012

Blog Bomb: Sunday night blues.. also reds, yellows, greens.. some pastels.. Chocolate. Tea. Cats on treadmills.

After a successful weekend of weekending, it becomes time to week.

I week weakly, though Mondays are never as torturous as Tuesdays, and never ever as aggressively passive as Wednesdays.

I find that no matter where you work there is always one person who spends the first half of the week asking you what you did at the weekend (like they give a mother lick) and the rest asking you what you are doing next weekend. I used to make up interesting lies but now I tell boring lies instead. The continuity is much easier. I have apparently been to the same nightclub and gotten 'absolutely' shitfaced for the last 2 years, and will continue to do so indefinitely. I think if this woman was really listening she might advise me to cut down on the boozing? What a bitch.

And then Wednesday arrives :(
'' I am Wednesday.  I am going be really boring and long and I am the weekday standard of a Hennifer Lopez film.  I am as far away from this weekend as last weekend and there is nothing you can do about it. Honk Honk. ''

Thursday is often spent in a haze of anticipation, wasting the day looking forward to Friday.

My friend told me recently that he used to speed home from work really quickly, to the point of danger, just so he could.. sit on the couch AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! NOW! I NEED THE COUCH A.S.A.P ya bastarding traffik! As sitting on ones flat arse is very necessary, to negate the repetitiveness of sitting on ones flat arse all day. Hmm. ( Most office workers arses are flat, no offence buddies and I include myself here).

Its nice to get up and do things and see things and be outside in the.. outside.
Tuck that flappy arse into a pair of tracksuit pants and go for an oul stroll.

This weekending I had a Galway walk and saw some lovely things.

Swan Zoo with dramatic 'DEATH!' sign

Future Dog Running Festival from Under the kitchen table to 5K

Fartzlol! I have two bubble holes. Hehehe!
I drew a fartzlol fish for Gingerblog man. It was a highlight!

You are good looking as long as you don't make any noise, Ferrous Wheel.
And stuck my fingers up to F U nderland closing down. BADBYE! (Seriously, FU. The sounds of girls screaming while being turned upside down and spun around on the upside down 'fun' machine sounds like girls screaming while being turned upside down and spun around for any reason. Right outside my house, for three days straight. It's terribly desensitising. If someone is attacked here in the next couple of weeks I am pretty sure no-one around the docks would help them, and its not their fault. They would just turn their pale faces away from their window, pull the curtains even more closed and move further into the darkened room away from the still resounding in their ears shitty techno version of 'Call me Maybe'. Call the Samaritans maybe? Post traumatic stress, see. )

And then it was night time.

Moving past this, someone might want to listen to Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells.
Good getting up in the a.m. tunage. Maybe not though.

Everyone should want to awesome google: Old Long Johnson

NSFGU (Not safe for grown-ups)
And if you are free to shriek intermittently for about 30 seconds?

Google necropants

I'm sorry that I am not sorry.

Happy Week 21!

Blog Bomb!


  1. Blog Bomb did you know Carly Rae Jepsen (singer of Call Me Maybe) follows me on twitter

  2. I think I let out a scream once I figured out what necropants were.... Who in the world wants to wear necropants! Ay dios mio!! SCARY and DISTURBING! Thanks for the info.... never ever heard of 'em.

  3. You are welcome! It's kind of like a negative pay it forward talking about necropants, one of those things you cannot unremember!

  4. You do know why you cant feed swans factory manufactured white bread/ yeast bread don't you? Its because they put soya flour in the bread these days. It kills them.

    1. Cheers for this Henry, I think Blog Bomb just liked the photo of having the swan near the very dramtic swan. I am sure sheet had no intention of feeeding said swan. But of course the more you know :-D