Friday, 31 August 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Bryce Dallas Howard

This weeks Hot Ginger is one I've tended to avoid for quite a bit of time in terms of her acting roles. It's not her fault really, she is a promising actress and a rare beauty it's just most of her roles never grabbed my attention.

First off the bat I tend to avoid M Night Shamalam movies as they have a tendency to infuriate me (especially his adaptation of my favourite cartoon of all time Avatar: The Last Airbender, how could you M? How could you?) Then popping up as Gwen Stacy in the third Spiderman movie threw the timeline all out of whack for me, Stacy was Peter Parker's first love interest so to appear three movies in as sort of test to his and Mary Jane's relationship just didn't work for me in the terms of the story (Oh no, when did I become this comic geek?)

Finally in last year's 'The Help' I saw a role for her that she was amazing in, as Hilly Hilbrook she is a vicious bitch from hell and a character you love to hate (and one you gladly see get her just desserts if you know what I mean, heh heh). I am still waiting for the role to fall in love with Howard  (hated her character in the cancer comedy 50/50 but again that was the point) but I do think she is on to a winner at the moment playing these god awful bitches in her current string of movies.

Still though her beauty is at times breathtaking and another champion of the redhead locks.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Battle of the Music Festivals: Swiss vs Irish: Zurich Open Air vs Electric Picnic

Having recently attended Zurich Open Air it got me thinking and comparing it to my favourite music festival in Ireland; Electric Picnic (on this weekend at home and I can't go, waa waa, there's always next year). I've been going to the Picnic on and off for nearly 6 years and it holds a truly special place in my heart.

Yes I did actually see this one year at EP,
Vader was kinda a Short-Arse in real life

So how did Zurich Open Air measure up? Well considering it is only in it's second year I have to say it did reasonably well but I haven't fallen out of love with my Picnic yet. Here's some of the pros and cons of both.

This guy was giving free hugs at ZOA
  • Price: 220 CHF for four days vs €260 for 3 days, ZOA is the winner here in terms of value for money.
  • That said there is more to do and see in those 3 days at EP, more acts, more variety, more food stalls
  • Friendly festival vibe, I made no festival friends at ZOA, I usually make at least 2 a day at EP. Now this could be down to a language barrier on my end, I am still trying to learn the German.
  • You can very easily make your way to the front of the stage at ZOA whilst you are likely to get squished to bits at the front of any stage at EP.
  • EP is the festival for people who do not like going to festivals, amazing showers, powder rooms, you can book yourself to get your hair and nails did and even the possibility to relax in a hot tub, cleanse the muck off and cleanse your soul, ahhhhhhh. Also there is comedy, cookery demonstrations, arts and crafts and a play area for your children (under 12's only, no teenagers allowed).
  • ZOA had the cleanest toilet facilities for any festival I have ever attended, real toilets that flush, toilet paper never ran out, power hosed clean each day, there is a lot to be said for a freshly clean bowl at a music festival
  • Beer: You can get half a pint of beer at ZOA for 5 francs vs a pint at EP for 5 euro. Clear winner here. But the bars at ZOA never close, I mean you can continue to buy beer until 5 in the morning. EP closes at 10pm sharp but on the flip side you should be able to sneak your campsite beer into the grounds at this stage without meeting resistance.
  • EP has a rave in the woods! A rave in the woods!
  • ZOA has DJ's playing until 5 in the morning.
  • I did not camp at ZOA but it is more than likely if I did that no one would go to the toilet on my tent (yes this happened once, god damn drunken Irish!)
  • Yet at EP I've spent many hours in tents with my closest friends in the world laughing our asses off, memories I shan't forget. 
  • It rained at ZOA, can't even get the weather but it did remind me of home.
  • Also most of the line up at ZOA I had already seen play EP.
  • ZOA had a milkshake stand, vanilla milkshake massaged my throat each day after all my screaming from the night before.
  • EP takes place on my Shire, my country of birth, my home.

3D show for Kraftwerk at ZOA, yes please

I think it will be a good while before my love of EP will die but I can allow some space in my heart for more than one music festival. 

Till next year to you both my dearests. I cannot wait.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

GBM Loves Music: Jasmine by Jai Paul

You guys are probably so sick of all my music posts at the moment but I had to share this. Blog Bomb actually introduced me to this song way back when I visited her last but I couldn't remember the name of it until a mutual friend of ours recently posted it on her Facebook wall (yes Jackbot it is you I speak of). When she posted it her exact words were 'this song is like crack', couldn't have said it better myself, I have it on repeat.

Jai Paul is a producer from the UK who when he really feels like it, though extremely rarely will put out a song of his own. So far in his career two of his own tracks have appeared; 'BTSTU' and the song below. I fear it will be an extremely long wait for an album from this reluctant music genius but no doubt it will be worth the wait.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Live Music Zurich: Foster the People @ Komplex 457 27/08/12

Yes after a 4 day music festival I was indeed at yet another concert last night (I seriously need some sleep). I missed Foster's set at the Electric Picnic festival last year as they clashed with 'The Rapture' so I couldn't let their visit to Zurich go by without making it up to them.

How considerate, no
eardrum explosion
The guys were playing a rather cool venue only 15 minutes cycle from our apartment, Komplex 457. I loved the layout and the feel of this particular venue, size of the stage, the high ceilings, multiple bars, roof terrace smoking area (my cooling area more like) and food stall (see there's an idea Irish Music venues, feed the kids and maybe they won't be so drunk). There was a lot to like about this particular venue. Considering we had been Open-Airing for the last 4 days, we decided to stand closer to the back near the door so we could just take it all in and lean against the wall if needed (I am getting old). I didn't think I would be able to give the guys much other than my presence.

How wrong was I? After the so-so opening act (sorry Mr Toby guy but not for me) the boys leaped on stage to huge applause. Whilst I struggled for energy the boys informed the audience that this was the last stop on their 18 month tour, over 200 shows performed yet through it all they showed no signs of fatigue. 'Houdini' and 'Call it What you Want' thrown out with the energy of a band performing their very first stop on a worldwide tour. How could I not give them my all with behavior like this. Four songs in I had found my 35th wind and was regretting my choice of standing spot. I wanted to be in the thick of it and throwing some serious shapes.

Yet through it all I just couldn't shake a feeling. I was an avid gig goer in Ireland and have heard for years bands say things like they love to play Dublin and Irish fans are the best fans in the world but I used to think that was something bands just say. Yet there was something subdued about this crowd in my opinion, don't get me wrong the crowd did everything right, they clapped and screamed at the end of each song, shoulders were bopping but it all felt oh so very civilized to me. Where was that mass of super fans at the front of the stage who never stop bouncing? Who know every word to every song? Who are lost in the complete love and joy at seeing their favorite band for the very first time? Where were the crazies who try to storm the stage? Who try to crowd surf? Where were my beloved concert staples, those avid gig goers who remind me of what I was like when I was younger. I did not see them last night.

I was beginning to lose it by the time the band played 'Helena Beat' and wanted nothing more than to rush to the front of the stage and give this band back as much energy as they were putting out to us but my 27 year old self only just overpowered my 18 year old self's thoughts. I started to think that maybe the crowd was just holding back until the bands biggest hit 'Pumped up Kicks', no doubt to be the closing song (and it was).

The white thing with the eyes
Yet to my horror as the opening chords of the song began to play, I saw no jumping bodies, no extra dancing, none of the usual, no instead I saw a slew of hands in the air, holding iPhones, Blackberries and other smart phones all set to record. You have waited this long for your favourite song to be played and your response is to stand very still and record it, this in itself an act that tarnishes your enjoyment of the very thing you love (believe me I know, I recorded the occasional song from a gig, they always come out crap and having to hold still eats into time better spent getting down). Eventually hands started to descend and this crowd finally began to lose it slightly but I felt it was not enough especially when the band set off their stage effect of this giant inflatable creature seen on the front of their album cover. We owed them more for such an energetic set people.

I made a resolution to myself that for my next gig in Zurich I would give it my all. If there is anybody else going to Grimes in Abart on the 18 of November that wants to join me you will find me at the front of the stage dancing my ass off.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 4: And They Chilled on Sunday

By Day 4 you could see that the bounce was lost from the majority of the weary festival goers, tiredness from the days before and the caked on mud was beginning to take it's tole. Luckily I had a secret weapon up my sleeves to give me some renewed energy to make it through Day 4.

Husband was unable to attend Day 4 so his pass for the day went to fellow Blogger Cecily (check out her Blog here). Her enthusiasm for the festival, seeing how it was her first day in attendance was exactly what I needed to make it through the last day, it was contagious.

I was glad of it, as there was a moment when I was sitting down on the benches eating some food where I was thinking you know what, sod this I am just going to pack it in and skip 'Hot Chip' as I had seen them before but I managed to hold on until their set.

So glad I did as it was spectacular and the highlight of the day. The band has evolved since I last saw them and the addition of the live drummer is a welcome surprise (I never thought they needed one but the enthusiasm and joy former 'New Young Pony Club' member Sarah Jones brings to the ensemble is electric).

I was expecting the second best of the day to be Yann Tierson and yes whilst very good indeed he did not play any of the score to the movie 'Ameile' for which he first came to my attention so that kinda made me a little sad. So the honors go to an adorable sister duo from Sweden called 'First Aid Kit'. They're early afternoon set did not wrangle a large crowd but was delight to the ears for any who managed to see it.

So that's it then, I did it, I survived, not too dehydrated and I didn't lose my voice from shouting along to the music. All and all a fantastic few days was had.

Bring on next year.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 3: The Muddening

So after the rain of the night before came the inevitable drenching of mud, that field near Zurich airport may never look the same again. It's difficult to spot a single blade of grass any more but Husband and I had learned from our mistake previous and wellies were the fashion of the day for us.

There were a lot of great performances today and some I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did but I will give the honor of best of the day to 'Bloc Party' on the basis of them making me flashback to my college days. Their set was heavy with tracks from their new album 'Four' and only one track was played off 'Intimacy' but it was still a blinder. Yes yes yes.

There are a good few of Honorable mentions, 'Kraftwerk's' 3D show was a sight to behold but at time ventured between being inspired to tiresome. It was hard to get a rhythm going. 'Boy' probably gave one of the more adorable performances of the entire festival with the lead singer just so gosh darn excited to be playing her home city. But I think second best of the night went to Nero, a dubstep trio from the UK. Really did not expect to like these guys so much but they sure knew how to get me up off that floor and dancing my ass off. Props given where props are deserved.

I'm tired, my bones ache, my lips are like sandpaper but I am ready for the final day. 'Yann Tiersen' and 'Hot Chip' are a calling and we still need to spend the last of our fake festival money. Bring it on and then followed by some much needed rest.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 2: Washout

So there seems to be a pattern forming here, I have to say that 'Soulwax' were the best of the fest for day two, again did not expect this because again I have seen them so many times but on the day they were the best. For a multitude of reasons, in particular they were the only dry full set I managed to take in that day seeing how the heavens opened during 'The White Lies'. I expected 'The Prodigy' to maybe be the best of the night but they didn't play some of my fav songs (no 'Out of Space', criminal). Then 'The Chemical Brothers' I thought would steal the night but alas it was not to be, it was a DJ set so none of their hits. It was a pretty fantastic set once it got going but I think there was a problem with the lighting in the dance tent, there were none in the end so it really could have been anyone up on that stage, couldn't see nowt.

Of honrorable mention was 'The Whitest Boy Alive' who is literally really the whitest boy alive and managed to spread some funk in the early hours of the day, a lot of shoulder bopping for his set indeed.

Yesterday was a bit of wet disaster, very chubby rain and Husband was wearing White Converse Hi-Tops (the horror) but it did feel like I was back home at a festival in Ireland. Plus day one has given me serious farmer tan so I truly look like an Irish Festival attendee.

So day 3 beckons, I'm a little fragile after the two days previous but ready to see 'Boy', 'Bloc Party', 'Mogwai' and a 3D spectacular show provided by 'Kraftwerk'. Bound to be interesting.



Friday, 24 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 1: Best of the Fest

Surprisingly Lykke Li was the best of the night, now I mean surprisingly because I've seen Lykke Li five times live so I was going in thinking yeah whatever, but damn girl does know how to put on a good show. I do wish she wouldn't wear as much black as she does but I guess that is her look.

Close second was Simian Mobile Disco, nom nom, dancy pants.

Bring on day two, Prodigy, 2manydjs and Chemical Brothers. Yes I will be dancing, oh yes.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Music Festival Bye-Bye

All right my lovely Gingettes, that's it from me until Tuesday I reckon. I am going all Ghost Protocal on your asses, as I am off to Zurich Open Air music festival for the next 4 days and similarly to Craig David but a different day I need to chill on Monday.

I am sure to be back with loads of pics and updates on the event soon. Till then love you loads and here's a video from one of my favorite bands that's playing; Chemical Brothers, also featuring the lead singer from another of my favorite bands playing Bloc Party on vocals, see what I did there?



Prince Harry: Hottest Ginger of the Ever?

Okay so yesterday thanks to all that hubbub of those pictures leaking on TMZ (I won't be reposting but for that one person that hasn't seen yet, type 'Prince Harry Naked' into Google) has seen the most visitors to my wee little Blog in a day ever. 1211 to be precise.

All down to the fact that I once featured this Royal in my Hot Ginger of the Week section, why thank you blurry naked pictures of Harry, you have made me popular (just goes to show what people on this world wide web really want, should I sex up my image? Hmmm, I probably won't).

This has got me thinking about where my little weekly post will eventually go, I mean there is quite a possibility that one day I will run out of Hot Gingers right? (suggestions people!) That said this is not why I started Blogging, it's just something silly I did that really took off on my site probably down to the good Search Engine Optimisation (see if you type hot prince harry ginger in Google you'll probably get me. And without out even realising I did this! Yay Internet). So eventually I might have to crown a winner for HGOTW and well, at the moment it is looking to be our favorite 'Jack the Lad' Royal. I was way off thinking it would probably be Christina Hendricks.

Harry you are awesome, don't ever change.

Oooh err, I say, good chap.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

GBM loves Music: Grimes again!

Sorry to repeat like a bad tuna melt but Grimes has just released a video for the track Genesis and I want to share it with you guys. I reviewed her album Visions way back when on my Blog and Genesis is one of my favorite tracks from the album.

The video is all kinds of cool and full of bad ass chicks so I thought you guys might like.

I cannot wait to see this girl in November when she plays Abart here in Zurich. Already got my tickets.



A Fridge too Far?

I did it again!

So since moving over and into our new flat in Zurich there has been something that has been causing me great difficulty. It's never been an issue for me until now. I really am struggling to understand what has come over me all of a sudden. I keep on leaving the fridge............well open, slightly ajar, sans bush in the gap.

This new forgetum is causing Husband and our relationship nothing but heartache. He looks at me with sad eyes and tells me I've done it again. Tells me that he's truly worried I may have early onset alzheimer's. I worry if I have suddenly developed brain damage after all the selfabuse over the years, all the binge drinking sessions of my college years, all the drunken tumbles, tussles and head-butts, all the recent head rushes, all the knocks and bumps my clumsy, carelessness has caused to my head. After the 45th time of having to close the fridge after I've been raiding it, he'll say things like:

Husband: 'Now I am not attacking you but you did it again! Look I don't mean to harp on at you but this is probably one of the more silly habits you've picked up during our time together. What's going to happen when you leave it open for a whole day? Sort it out.'

This is normally met by another look of 'I'm sorry' and zero response from me as I've never been able to come up with a good reason as to why this keeps happening. I've literally not a single retort as this situation is beyond stupid.

No response that is, until now.

So Husband, let me explain why I think I keep leaving the fridge open. After careful analysis of the door and the flashing back to fridges of yore (unintentional rhyming) I've managed to deduce the following two hypotheses:

A: All fridges in Switzerland are dicks


B: This particular fridge is a dick

I think the correct answer is the latter but as I've yet to test out my theory on an alternative fridges in the region, I am not in a position to rule out the former hypothesis. Now for the science part.

I've been thinking about all previous relationships with fridges over the years they all had a commonality that this current purveyor of cold does not. All other fridges I've had over the years will close if you just push the door ever so slightly. Also most have automatically closed when the door is more closed than open (maybe this is because of torque or moments of inertia or some other crap. God damn it, why did I not pay attention in Science class) and finally some will even close if you let go of their handles.

Therefore I can only assume that this fridge is out to get me and drive a wedge between us as it does none of the above. It is fucking with my already perceived fridge mentality and my brain did not adjust to it's ways so fast. I know now that you literally must close the door fully, as in hand on handle until placed against interior wall which leads to my second conclusion in that the magnets on the door edges are also assmonkeys like the fridge and are not capable of the job at hand.

So you see? It's not me, it is the fridge.

So forgiven then?

Love you loads.


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Will you Sponsor my Posts?

So yesterday was another first in my blogging life, yesterday was the first time I was asked to do a sponsored post for my Blog.

I actually felt really good about the recognition. That some company thought my little Blog was big enough and had enough reach to recommend any product or service to anybody is quite an achievement for a  Blog that only is in existence for 5 months or so.  Quite an achievement indeed.

It all sounded great too, they would send me a few of their products to try out every few months or so and all I'd have to do was give a few honest reviews on the Blog along with links with good SEO etc. for all this free stuff. Awesomesauce.  I'm here to learn as much as I can about Web 2.0 and sponsored posts and getting advertisement sponsorships is definitely something I am all for, I mean I don't work at the moment so I will take anything that will help mine and Husbands life. Did I just admit to being a possible sell out whore? Well yes, I guess I did.

So what was the problem then? Well, I was asked to review a sex toy. Eh, yes a sex toy.

Look I'm not a person who's is not comfortable with his sexuality or someone that has anything against the use of sex toys and all that, but to actually openly review on my website feels like a world of eugh. I mean how would that go even?

GBM: 'Why this male prostate stimulator is so elegantly designed, I must give it 5 orgasms out of 5'.

Morto. What's worse is the thought of people I've known for years reading the post and then visualising, oh dear. No I could not do it, for them, they don't deserve those images. And what would my mother think? Now that would make for an awkward Skype conversation.

So I politely declined the offer. It was the right decision for me and for my Blog but it was nice to be asked to sponsor anything in the end.

Go Blog go.


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Does this Cure what Ails ya?

Aw, another cute but useless internet meme

After replying to a few comments on my Street Parade post, I got to thinking about hangovers and the cures I had been using for them over the years. Day after SP, I felt a little like a cat had pooed in my brian and wanted nothing more than to hide and scream at the horrible sunlight and 28 degree (Celsius) scorcher of a day that had befallen us. I mean how dare it anyway? Didn't the day know I wanted to hide in a corner in the dark and not be bothered by it's niceties?  The day was a absolute bag of dicks.

Then I was dragged out to the park for picnic by a friend, still feeling like a soiled dish cloth, forced to eat possibly one of the most delicious healthy salads I've ever had with freshly baked bread still warm from the bakery and tasty blue cheese. I mean, what an inconsiderate bitch. Didn't she know that my plan for food that day would have been cereal eaten dry by hand straight from the box? What an ass-hat.

To make matters worse Husband and said friend wanted to go swimming. Swimming? I'd thought I probably would have drown considering my condition and to make matters worse I had forgotten my swimming trunks. Swimming in my black Calvin Klein boxers it was then.

Then suddenly as I was climbing out of the water it happened, my mood changed, I stopped behaving like a petulant child in my head and my hangover was gone. It was amazing, I'd just invented a new Zurich based hangover cure and do you know what, it was possibly my best and healthiest one to date.

So I've decided to list below in reverse chronological order all the hangover cures I've used over the years since I began to alcohol. Ah the Irish youth, thank god I've learned moderation (well for an Irish person at least).

  1. Lifeline-The Hangover Pill: Tiny pill filled with vitamins and salts and charcoal?!? Taken within the first hour of your first drink and you should wake up the next day sans feeling like butter spread too thinly over toast. Worked for me, may have been a placebo effect as never worked for Husband but I'll take it real or not. 
  2. Berocca mixed with Solpadine: Learned this one from a mate at a music festival (ah memories). Berocca is an orange flavored dissolvable vitamin tablet and Solphadine was pretty strong dissolvable painkiller, which thanks to some idiots in Ireland need for codeine is now a behind the counter medicine in Pharmacies.  Ta very much like. Mix the two together with some water and voila instant make feel nice-better. Made Husband puke though.
  3. A dirty fry-up: A Full Irish Breakfast, Full English, a fry, a grill, a pile of bad things made from grease to block up your arteries, call it what you want but it's a staple cure over where I come from. A plate loaded with, greasy rashers (bacon for those who don't speak Irish), sausages, black and white pudding, baked beans, hash browns and toast, loads and loads of toast, made sure to be covered in real Irish full-fat butter. You can keep your Flora heart healthy shit, I'm here for the heart attack, I've earned this. Usually made you feel better for a while but it was slightly fleeting.
  4. Yop: Yop was a weird one for me, but yeah there was a period where having a scoop of this bizarre half drink, half yogurt concoction made me feel less brain farty.  I'd usually get the really big strawberry one, om nom nom. But alas it's hangover depriving effects stopped working after some time for me.

Of Honorable Mention: The Cure. The Cure is when you just get up from the night before still a bit tipsy and rather than let the bastard get to you, you just begin drinking again so as not to feel hungover. I can't say I have done this one much, well maybe in college but not a lot to recommend here to be honest. It'll get ya eventually and you are just making it worse.

But best cure of all peeps is to not drink so much that you'll actually get one, in fact you could not drink at all. I'm not condoning hangover behavior here, merely advising what to do should it decide to spit up on your face.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Stefano Masciolini

So this weeks Hot Ginger is someone I have never heard of before and I am afraid I won't be able to give much info on him as his Wiki appears to only be in Italian, as Husband is in work at the moment I can't ask him to translate for me (Google Translate did not give me the option and also I am lazy) .

I've pretty much picked up that Stefano is an Italian actor from Rome (yes they make them ginger in Italy too) who apparently had a small role in 'The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou' (really don't remember him in it).

I think nowadays you'll find him on screen in some Italian TV shows but whatever lets call a spade a spade here. This is one very attractive redhead. I may have developed a new crush object. Swoon


Thursday, 16 August 2012

GBM has been Cleaning up a Frenzy

I really want to do some long big posts, I've got a couple of ideas in my head at the moment but I just haven't had the time. Today I was cleaning like a motherbitch, trying to get our house in order for expectant visitors arriving at the weekend.

Now I am pooped. I am hoping to get these big posts out of me soon but until I can find the time you will have to settle for these little blurbs and some silly video I am about to post.

Awesome cleaning tuneage:


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Zurich Street Parade

Last weekend over 950,000 dedicated ravers descended on my beautiful city for the biggest dance-music street party in all of Europe, 'Street Parade'. The day was an absolute scorcher.

This was my first time to attend something of this nature and whilst thoroughly enjoyable it was a rather strange anomaly in this city's more police-patrolled and rule enforcing nature. For one day in this city of order and rules, chaos is allowed rein supreme. Mass drinking on the streets, public urination, drug use, Italian men bathing in our city's fountains (ew), these are not things that you normally associate with the city of Zurich. As the time went on and the carnage of the day became apparent the once beautiful city began to more closely resemble Bagdad or Bangkok. Empty cans, crushed plastic and shattered glass became the carpet beneath my feet. Yet through it all none of the chaos was dampening my spirits for the overwhelming love of this atmosphere, of this music (whilst not for everyone and not for me all the time) was contagious.

In fact only one thing I saw that day managed to disgust, I won't go into details but extremely drunk girl, you know who you are, you know what you did and I really do not think your mother would approve of that behavior, heh heh.

I decided to dress up for the occasion with techno sailor slut boy being my intention, however it became apparent quite quickly that in caparison to those who went all out I was completely underdressed for Street Parade. I actually just looked like your run of the mill Zurichian hipster. We were talking, full on Lady Gagas, gargantuan trannies (Tranniesaraus Rexes, like), Lara Crofts, Toads from the Mario games and dozens of Smurfs. My little attempt at playing dress up felt a bit wet.

The music itself was great but I was mind boggled by the fact that the main stages where the supposed superstar DJ's were preforming seemed muted in comparison to the actual parade trucks. Next year I'm just finding a good spot to watch the parade, stages-smeages.

Yet eventually the day did manage to catch up to me and I was kindly taken home by Husband and put to bed. A little bit tipsy by the end and maybe even a little bit more cranky. Oh well I'll know better for next year.

My only regret is that I didn't get to meet this guy.

Techno Viking, fighter of evil drunkards, saviour of blue hair girls, drinker of water and dancer of hand. Maybe next year.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Blog Bomb: Yay and Nay

Happy August everyone!

Ooo yay!

I recently attended my first musical in London, yay! It was 'Thriller Live' featuring the songs of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Omg. Just said his name and then said it slow and though, eww. Jacks on.Get your jacks on! Eww. Anyway, musicals are kind of expensive, but they are so much fun I would definitely recommend them.

And OMG, I had completely forgot that he was possibly a pervert by the end. It was sooo good!
Dancing fun, all their old music stuff and new stuff, the cast were amazing. It was weird that the four main singers, singing together, managed to sound like Michael. What I will say is that there was a short period of time in the 90s, around the time he started melting, that he really got the worlds energy.. I wonder what would have happened if he had not started drinking bleach and suffering from meltman syndrome?

Heal the world, such a beautiful song.. Listen link noice?
There's a place in your heart (for dead popstars)

Irrelevant picture of a bumbear
necklace I saw on holidays.
Everyone should wear, EVERYONE!

Oooo noo!

The daily mail recently 'published' an article about people without facebook profiles being potentially psycho.. Their premise was that someone without a strong online presence is suspicious. I personally think the smello daily mail has a lot to answer for in terms of plastering pictures of skinny minnies and fatty watties, telling us who looks what way and why they are shite. It is pretty difficult to be and stay content in the world as it is, without having external media tell you what you should think about someone.

Aagh! As a falsebook defector I am hopefully not teetering on the edge of sanity anymore than another person.. Even if I ate a salad for brekkie. At 5am. Watching Daywatch (amazing dark Russian film, google!).  There was an apple in it though (the salad, and possibly the film too)! Plus summer salads are delicious all summer long, especially when Irish summer is only one day.

Personally the reason I decided to delete it was because I spent a lot of time judging others according to what I saw there rather than what I felt when I met them. Its a really projected perception, right, and without any context? And I also realised that I had lost the spontaneity of saying 'What are you up to these days', instead saying 'Oh, I saw your pictures of your holidays, you climb trees in your spare time!'. Friendships became almost like an interview. And then finally, I found also that I spent some time comparing my hobbies to others and wondering why I wasn't like them in terms of interest. Why don't I want to jump out of a plane or run?  Its so easy to compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking, even if you were never interested in playing basketball in the nip in the first place.

I must say thanks to ginger blog man for showing me the innocent, open and positive side to the internets. I think a blog is much nicer as you end up able to show a more rounded side of yourself, more honestly and explained.

As long as we have good friends in this world, get outside and move, and work towards being ourselves, all will be ok.

Spank you GBM! Love you! x

Blog Bomb

Well this made me Laugh to No End

Bwah hah ha ha ha


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Kate Mara

I bet you are all looking at this Hot Ginger thinking, I know the face but from where? Kate is one of those actresses you've seen around but can never remember from what. She's actually been carving out a good career for herself bit by bit over the years.

First notable place you may have seen her turn up is in Brokeback Mountain playing Heath Ledger's daughter. Oh yeah, now you remember her do you?

No? Try TV then, she appeared in a series of 24, Entourage (eugh) and more recently American Horror Story. Still nothing?

Well you are bound to have seen this Hot Ginger somewhere even if you cannot remember where.

Things are going good for her career and I envisage a big breakout role for her very soon.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Mystery Undertaking

Okay so I kinda said I would do something in October, something that's not exactly easy and I will have to put a lot of work into to be able to complete.

Things is I'm not ready to tell everybody just yet as once it's out there then I'll have to stick to my guns and any chance off backing out is forfeit. I know I know, how lame of me.

Yesterday was my first day of prep and if I am being honest trying to complete undisclosed goal in October does seem completely out of reach at the moment.

I do hope I will be able to come clean and let y'all know soon. I guess for now I got to just put in the work.



Decoupage Master?

So I think Husband and I may have started a trend amongst our mates with our recent venture into decoupage. I feel like I may have found a calling in finding old pieces of furniture and sprucing them up (more to come on this soon). Now if only I can find a away to make some money of this new found ability.

Point being we recently donated two old IKEA drawer units to   our good friends and gaybours who recently moved into a new apartment. Then the boys messaged us up and let us know they wanted to decoupage the drawer units with black and white Japanese Manga. Inspired idea as Fabian (friend in question whose room the units will reside in) is as big a Man-Boy as I.

The boys had the first editions Japanese language Manga of Death Note, Naruto and my personal fav, Full Metal Alchemist to plaster all over the wood. My inner geek was having a nerdgasam at the prospect. Kicking myself, why could have I thought of this? No matter at least I was allowed to be involved with the whole process.

It was clear I definitely learned from mine and Husband's mistakes from our first attempt at the process. The PVA glue was watered down to a more spreadable dilute, placement of each comic page with utmost care to ensure the lack of air-bubbles. Maybe because the end result was for someone else was what lead to my absolute care taking with the process. It paid off though. Between the 3 of us we managed to create something that we should be completely proud of. The boys painted the drawers white to match the over all look and voila.


Really ties the room together don't you think? Well done boys, these are fantastic and a vast improvement on the original. Who knew something that cost €20 in IKEA could look this amazing.



Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Unfortunate Angled Fountain?

Hmmm, who thought this was a good idea?

Whilst actually innocent, still it's implied, no?


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ginger Telly Man: Girls

Okay so I've recently just finished HBO's new comedy series 'Girls' masterminded by the imensily talented Lena Dunham. Dunham not only stars as lead character Hanna but also manages to write/co-write every episode and direct them also.

The show centers on the lives of four twenty-something females living in New York and no doubt many parallels to that other famous New York set, HBO comedy featuring four female protagonists will be made. Yet whilst 'Sex and the City' showed the glamorised side of sex and being successful in pre-recession New York, Girls on the flip-side deals with the aftermath, the directionless youth of today trying to survive after the generation before them pissed it all away. It's real, it's raw, it's nasty and moreover at times it's incredibly funny.

Dunham has managed to pull off something that's not altogether easy, in the creation of characters, Hanna included that at times are absolutely real, repugnant even but can completely endear the watcher to them. Whilst watching on more than one occasion I would turn to Husband and go 'Jesus she is being an absolute Thunderbitch' and then only ten minutes later be in absolute hysterics at the very same character.

My favorite moment from the whole series pans out in this vein, in episode 3, Hanna finds out she has an STD and decides to go confront an ex-boyfriend about it and confirm if he is the cause of her discomfort. The ex is now an out and proud gay man and needless to say Hanna's reaction to the whole situation it not handled very well. It all plays out in a hilarious albeit cringeworthy way which ends with Hanna listening to depressing music and taking to Twitter to vent her misfortune, she begins to write and delete desperate tweets which only make the viewer cringe even more at how it has all played out. Then the song changes to the more upbeat Robyn 'Dancing on my Own' and with that change so does Hanna's mood, she becomes empowered by the what has happened and gets up and dances and laughs at the ridiculousness of it all.

I think this scene encapsulates the greatness of this show, the ability to find the joy and hilarity at life's more fucked up moments and also how one minute Dunham's characters have you cringing behind a pillow and then suddenly you are back with them and cheering them on.

It won't be for everyone, for some the sex may be too graphic/strange and the all white cast may have been a bit a of a misguided step in terms of depicting a culturally diverse post-recession New York but other than that I'm having trouble faulting it.

That said, seeing how Dunham's is only 26 years old and already so incredibly talented and successful I can't help but feel incredibly jealous.


Saturday, 4 August 2012

I've been Blogging for How Long Now?

This is my 100th Blog post, fook me, who knew I'd last this long or get this far. I'm kinda chuffed to bits actually.

I think this is a bit of a milestone in a Bloggers life, no? I also recently hit 20000 views. I dunno, yeah I think it is going well. So what next? I feel like maybe I should evolve after this? More video? Try to win some awards? Finally show Husbands face?

I don't know but I do know I'm not going anywhere, y'all are stuck with me for many more.

Obligatory funny video, it's Oscars next for me, I can feel it in my bones.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: James Magnussen

In keeping with the currently Olympic spirit that is going around at the moment, this week's Hot Ginger   took Silver in the Men's 100 Metre Freestyle in this years games.

Look I could blah on about the games but to be honest I really don't know much about the Olympics other than it seems to be on TV all the time at the moment and I can't seem to tear Husband away from it.

I guess with Australian Hotties like this I am beginning to understand why. He'd get gold in our books, yesum.

It would seem there are a good few attractive gingers in the Olympic ranks this year, more soon. :-D


Thursday, 2 August 2012


Da Fook?!?

This week saw the arrival of old friend of mine from college. She moved over to Zurich with her work too, just like Husband. She is also a fellow Blogger, check her stuff out here.

So we got together, we got silly, we drank all the alcohol ever and decided to invent a new language which basically amalgamates our usual Irishisms with our very basic knowledge of German.

'Grand Job' became 'Grand Arbeit'.

'Lovely Hurling' evolved to 'Schon Hurling'

'Howaya Horse' transitioned to 'Howya Pferd'

And my personal favorite 'Haben Sie der Shift letzte Nacht? which of course is 'Did you get the shift last night?

I'm feeling it will definitely catch on, what do y'all think?

Now if I can only figure out how to say 'Where shall I put the donkey?' then I will be sorted.