Sunday, 30 September 2012

Things Learned Yesterday.....

....watching Doctor Who from your couch bed makes for an altogether more comfortable viewing experience.


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Things Learned Yesterday.....

.....people will queue for hours to get the new iPhone from the Zurich Apple store.

Could ya be arsed? 


Friday, 28 September 2012

Teary Tuneage: Airplanes by Local Natives

I've heard this song countless times and I've always known it was about the passing of band member's Kelcey Ayer's grandfather who he never really got to know. His father used to tell him many stories about his grandfather hence the lyric 'I did not know you as well as my father knew you'. Then after what must have been the 100th or so listen whilst travelling on a bus around Ireland, I started to cry. I don't know why, maybe it was being around my family, maybe it was thinking of the people we have lost over the years or maybe I was just hungover and emotional but the lyrics finally clicked in for me and set me off.

It's a really beautiful song and I hope you guys like it.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blogging may be Intermittent or even Nonexistent...

... because Ginger Blog Mammy and Ginger Blog Daddy are coming to stay with us until Tuesday. So Husband and I will be taking them out and showing them what Zurich and Switzerland have to offer (my mother has made it pretty clear that fondue is not on the menu, ha ha).

So I may not be around you guys.

Talk to you all soon


Hot Ginger of the Week: Amy Adams

Is Amy Adams hot? Maybe this weeks post should be renamed cute ginger of the week or well, maybe not. She is a beautiful redheaded woman and yes is worth of the label of Hot Ginger of the Week.

Amy first grabbed my attention in the 2005 indie movie 'Junebug' playing the ever bubbly and heavily pregnant Ashley Johnson, a role in which she received her first ever Oscar nomination (she now has had three). After this she became a household name and one of the first ever live action Disney princesses in 'Enchanted'.

She's gone on to have huge success in a long string of movies including last years 'The Muppets' in which she performed this hilarious song.

Girl knows how to have a laugh. Next up for Amy is no doubt another Oscar nom for Paul W Anderson's 'The Master' and in 2013 we will see her grace our screens as Lois Lane. And you know what dear readers she kept the red hair for the role.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I Couldn't Have Done This Without Being Blessed by the Almighty Dog

I won an award. Becca over at Everyday Life  has given me the honor of a Liebster Award. Looks like a 'My Little Pony' cutie mark. Tis Fagulous, why thank you Becca.

But I can't just take the award, no that would be too easy. I have a few things to do before I'm honored fully with the Liebster.

So here's the science part:
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  • Answer 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you
  • Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to (Warning: I may take the piss)
  • Choose 11 people to give the award to and send them a link to your post. Go to their page and tell them
  • No tag backs
It's a great way to connect with my Blog friends, especially since I've been neglecting them after my little trip to Ireland. So here goes:

11 things about me:
  1. I'm a redhead (duh) and proud of it
  2. I still have the same group of friends that I hung out with in secondary school (unusual)
  3. I'm a house husband (looking for employment in Switzerland tho)
  4. I'm obsessed with Music 
  5. I am a giant Man-boy
  6. I have a great relationship with my family and love them dearly
  7. I follow everyone back on Twitter because I just think it's a nice gesture (there are a lot of people on Twitter who follow me that just Tweet pics of their junk, have I set a president for this on my Blog?)
  8. I love fancy dress and Husband hates it
  9. I like to make fun of myself
  10. Blogging has rejuvenated my soul
  11. I'm incredibly happy right now
My 11 questions to answer:

  1. what are you currently reading or would like to read? I'm alternating between 'Brilliant: Memory Training' and Stephen Fry's autobiography. 
  2. If you could have dinner with one person living or dead who would it be? John Lassater of Pixar fame because no other string of movies have bought so much joy into my life
  3. If you could go back in time to one day in your life which day would it be and why? I would go back in time to a day when I was feeling incredibly low and anxious as a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality, not to change anything because it made me who I am today but just to let my then self know that one day everything will be fine and he(I) will be incredibly happy.
  4. Long or Short hair? Short, I did long and it was not a good look for me
  5. Favorite cartoon as a kid? X-Men, I loved Rogue.
  6. Morning or night person? Morning
  7. If your life was a movie what would it be a comedy, drama, horror? Dramedy 
  8. If you found yourself pregnant at this moment would you want a boy or girl? Becca are you serious? A girl I suppose but really how would this work?
  9. Hit shuffle on your iPod or if you don't own one turn on the radio and name the first song that plays? C'est La Mort by The Civil Wars
  10. If you were a singer and had to pick a duet partner who would it be and why? Jeff Buckley because Eternal Life would be my karaoke song if it was ever in the karaoke database (grr yet to find it) and I'd love to have met him 
  11. name the last movie you watched be it on TV or in the theater? Headhunters, batshit crazy movie

My 11 questions:
  1. What is your preferred method of birth control? (for example own face, coke douche?)
  2. If you could have any super power what would it be and why? 
  3. What is your favourite music album of all time?
  4. Do redheads have souls?
  5. If you were on death-row (I'm sorry about this) what would you order as your last meal?
  6. PC or Mac?
  7. Who is the most influential person in your life and why? 
  8. What is your favorite cartoon as an adult?
  9. Do you have any regrets? 
  10. Would you like to own a monkey butler (assuming no animal rights were violated, leave me be PETA)?
  11. How do you feel right now?
My 11 nominees: 
  1. Mynx @ Lizard Happy
  2. Laura @ Real Momma
  3. Terese @ You'll be Fine. I Promise
  4. Roisin @ Somewhereyonder's Blog
  5. Cecily @ Cycling in Paris
  6. Monkey Butt @ What's on your mind Monkey Butt
  7. Rafa @ Ramblings from my Typer
  8. Pickleope
  9. Emma, Belle and Erin @30's and just begining
  10. J.Day @ The Ramblings of Charlie Brown
  11. And last but definitely not least I'd like to nominate Liane Greathead for this also. Liane I know you yourself do not Blog but I just wanted you to be involved and get this award for being the best Twitter follower any Blogger could ask for. You don't need to nominate anyone back and you can respond in the comments section or send me a private email if you want to get involved.
So thats it my little Ginger Blog Readers. If anyone else not nominated wants to get involved you can take the award and post it but you need to follow these rules also (that said I probably won't be policing this or anything cuz I hate telling anyone they have to do anything, except maybe Husband).

Enjoy (or not, lol this took me ages to do Becca!)


Monday, 24 September 2012

Guest Post: Blog Bomb: Plugging out

This shit be happening!

Myself and my housemates are saying goodbye to electricity and electronics (on our own time and outside of work) from midnight tonight til Friday midnight.. This will involve light and heat, including hot water; phones and computers and anything you pretty much need to plug in.

No music, aagh!

All the oul lads in the pub, ever, always often say the
like of 'Back in my day.. when I was a young lad.. Sure I
had no toys! I made me own fun outta a stick and
an ol' pot.. Sure we didn't have a toilet 'til 1994''.

Cannot wait to see how it goes :)

Hopefully we can start a mini movement.

Anyway, I'll not be contactable unless I bump into people the old fashion way.. aggressively and by chance.


I blame the equinox!

BB xxo

Fantastische Wunder Eichhörnchen

Or fantastic wonder squirrel for those who don't Deutsch. He truly is like a boss.


Fondue or Fondon't?

The weather has turned and the temperature has dipped here in Switzerland and for most Swiss people this usually means one thing. It's Fondue time (actually in reality they usually wait for snow but I am inpatient). 

Husband took me out to the Fribourg Fondue Stubli for my first ever fondue. All in all it was a really pleasurable experience at the time, the taste; delicious, the process; fun, the long tiny forks, super cute. At the time I say because when we got home later that night and I tried sleep it was an altogether different experience indeed but I will come back to that in a minute.

Whilst it was just the two of us and a little bit of a 'date night', I truly warmed to the overall fondue dining delight and loved the comunal aspect of this Swiss staple. I definitely want to return again with a large group of friends in tow and try a few of those great fondue games and forfeits (first person to drop their bread into the pot has to buy a round of drinks or take a shot). Sounds like a blast. 

The staff at the restaurant were incredibly friendly and it worked out at about 100 francs in total which is not too pricy and left two very full Irish bellies. 

Then when we got home, the horror began. They say that during dipping you shouldn't drink any water as it's said to coagulate the warm cheese inside your stomach (said by in the know Swissians but not proven by any such actual science). Mistake Number 1.

They also say (don't ask me who they are) that if you are feeling stuffed that you should down what is called a 'Norman Hole' (I swear I did not make this up) which is a shot of high octane liquor, often an apple brandy and it's said to burn a hole in your stomach. I did not do this. Mistake Number 2.

It was lying on my stomach, overheating, unable to sleep at 3:00 am that I began to realise that I might not have put in the proper research and preparation into my first fondue. For I as an Irish, believed I had the stomach of an ox. I've polished of whole bottles of whiskey and have trouble even remembering the last time I threw up. But my iron stomach was turned to rust by this pot of bubbling cheese. Oh folly!

The next day saw me wondering aimlessly about the apartment in a sort of cheese hangover. There really is no poignant or eloquent way of saying this so I will just say it in over exaggerated vulgarity. 


This cheese makes one cut some serious cheese the day following. Your lingering cloud of fondue follows you where ever you go. And I thought the after effects of a night on the Guinness was bad.     

Husband was fine and worries that I am now a 'Fondon't' but in reality the good way outweighed the bad for me (I mean it's a pot of melted cheese, it's like it was made for me). So I will fondue again. Just don't be offended if I don't want to hang the day after. 


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Toby Stephens

Husband clued me into this week's Hot Ginger. I had seen the face before but did not know the name.

Toby is an English stage, television and film actor who was once asked to become the next Bond. Considering how people reacted to casting the blond Daniel Craig, see Toby's own reaction after all the hubbub, "Can you imagine if they'd given it to a ginger? There'd be assignation plots".  Well I am sure we wouldn't mind Toby.

Toby does a lot of TV in the UK and was actually in one of the bond movies too. He's also the son of the Dowager Countess herself Dame Maggie Smith, so look at that for thespian routes.

You can see him currently shaking his ginger locks on the BBC series Vexed.


So this Happened....

.... I met Hedwig during my time in Ireland. She was a hoot (sorry).


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Man-Boy vs. Logic: Vol 3 or The Unlabelled Suspect White Powder in my Suitcase

So this was in my Suitcase

After being in Ireland for 8 days I was joined by Husband last Friday. Conversation below is from Monday when we were packing our suitcase to head back to Zurich.

Husband picks up the offending article above.

Husband: 'Eh hun, what's this about?'

GBM: 'It's my protein shake powder'

Silly Husband, I told him I've started taking protein shakes for training. It must be his forgetums acting up again.

Husband: 'No I know what it is, I mean what part of you thought this was a good idea?'

GBM: 'Granted I didn't use as much as I envisaged but my intentions were in the right place.'

Husband looks at me and shakes his head.

Husband: 'No hun, what part of you thought that having an unlabelled suspect white powder in your suitcase was a good idea?'

I stare at him, mouth opened with an 'I didn't think of that' look on my face.

GBM: ''

Husband: 'Sweetie?'

GBM: The part of me that is obsessed with Disney movies and My Little Pony* didn't think about this, the part of me that thinks everyone is good and that of course a lunch box of white powder is clearly protein shake mixture and not drugs! Shit, what if I get stopped by customs?'

Husband: 'It will be fine, they will just test the substance but it's a lot of unwanted hassle'

I bang my head against the wall.

Husband: 'In future though just no, in fact I'm packing your suitcase next time'

I didn't get stopped in the end and all was good in the enchanted world of my innocent view point but you live and you learn.

Husband Logic 3 : Man-boy 0

*I'm talking about the 2010 reboot 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' and before you make fun, I dare you to watch a few episodes and not love. Bronies forever!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Return of the Mac

I've returned to my Zurich after a lovely 11 days in Ireland. I had an amazing time but I am glad to get back to normalsy and to more regular posting.

That said today has been a bit intense so I hope to resume regular programming on the morrow.

In the meantime here's another cat who thinks he is people.

When the internet runs out of cats it will be a sad day for us all.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Jessica Chastain

This Hot Ginger seemed to be in every movie out last year, in total starring in 7 movies released in 2011 including Oscar nominated 'The Help' and 'Tree of Life'.

Girl was everywhere all of a sudden and we were all like who is this beautiful new redhead that came out of nowhere.

Her star is on the rise with a bag of new movies on her slate including 'Lawless' with Tom Hardy and Shia LeBeef and as the voice of a Jaguar in the third Madagascar movie.

Sorry for the quickie post Jessica but I am bout to hop on a bus bound for Dublin and will be sans internet again for a bit.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Saw Half of Ireland from a Bus Window...

...well at least I would have if I hadn't kinda slept through it, no matter. I had a fierce amount of traveling around Ireland to do now that all of my friends have moved all over the country (FYI we are all meeting in one place next time I am home) but it was an interesting experience.

I bused to the midlands, to Galway, to Cork, to the arsehole of nowhere in west Cork (town name not mentioned to protect the innocent), back to Cork (Cork is quite vast), up to Dublin then back home to the midlands. I'm am kinda pooped and actually think I spent more time hanging out with Buses than with my friends but I guess my bad for never learning to drive (I was such a city boy).

And how was the experience dear readers? Well good and bad to varying degrees. I try not to use this Blog as a forum to bitch but I sometimes think Bus Eireann are just asking for it (they would be the government run Irish bus service). First off the bat, not one Bus Eireann coach I set foot in had the correct displayed time on the on-board clocks, a fact I deduced as the possible root cause of their usual tardiness. Yet it wasn't just a few hours off, as if to imply the driver forgot change at daylight savings, no these buses existed in some weird 'Whovian' time vortex where my present day was 10/09/12 at 14:11 yet Bussy McGee was back in 10/09/93 at 22:45?!?  My fantastical Man-boy mind could probably accept the cause of their perpetual lateness if the reason was because John-Joe bus driver man was travelling through time vortexes battling Cybermen and Daleks but alas these buses were definitely not bigger on the inside.

Also Bus Eireann, there was a quite noticeable attitude adjustment by the drivers of said vehicles if perchance no other competition existed to that particular route (arsehole of nowhere town for example). Friendliness was gone and all I was left with was grumpy-arsed jaded drivers who thought that they'd seen it all and I was clearly some young ruffian out to ruin their day. Whilst making my way back from  the small town to Cork city I had this pleasant exchange.

Jaded Bus Driver: 'Can you put your backpack underneath in storage'

GBM: 'Well I have my laptop in it and I was hoping do some work' 

JBD: (narrows eyes) 'Well don't you be letting it take up a seat on the bus'

I look around and see a total of five people on the bus and quickly think this guy is being a bit of a douchecanoe, I mean why make an example of me and assume the worst? I wanted to put my bag on all the empty seats if I could just to spite his rudeness.

And finally Bus Eireann whilst I am here ranting who's bright idea was this?

Where did ya find this fella to be the voice of all coach luggage doors countrywide? Billy O'Busdoornessy from out in the stichks of rural Ireland. Tres, tres glamourous.

The Citylink and Aircoach were both altogether more pleasurable experiences and you could really tell the difference in their level of customer service. The journey from Cork to Dublin saw my driver being incredibly cute in his Cork accent:

Aircoach Driver: 'Now just to let you know it's 3 hours to Dublin, if any of you need to go to the toilet just pop up the front and let me know but you need to get to me before we pass Port Laois cuz sure there is nowhere to stop past there, boii.'

Citylink also non-stop from Galway to Cork with on-board toilet, yes please, again, again.

Sorry Bus Eireann I don't want to be mean but I think you might have stopped caring.


Sunday, 9 September 2012


Came home to the spectacular news that my sister is engaged.

Congratulations to GBS III and her new Husband-to-be. I am so happy for you both and cannot wait for another Ginger Blog Family wedding.

Whoop whoop.


Friday, 7 September 2012

You Know You are Home When.... are serenaded to sleep by the sound of a cow and not the usual car alarms.

Ahhh country life.


Ginger Blog Family's Wordlings

Eh so this pic doesn't really have anything to do
with this post. I just like it is all (I may have
forgotten the connector cable for my camera, grr)

Ginger Blog Fans, have any of you all had this similar happenstance when you all were growing up? Did any of you suddenly realise that expressions, phases or word-blurbs that are common knowledge within your family and family home, when used outside your familial sanctuary suddenly fall completely flat? These expressions, that you in your inoffensive youth truly believed were imbedded in the subconscious of the general public, when used are met with faces of blank? 

Welcome to my reality people, it took some time to adjust and figure this all out to be honest, though now I tend to adopt a strategy of ‘if they don’t know what I’m talking about they’ll get me eventually, fook dat sheat, I’m not changing’. I think one of my earliest memories of one of these Ginger Blog Family specific expressions is when my Ma and Da used to refer to me as a ‘Ninnyhammer’(or should that be hyphenated, Ninny-Hammer? One never does know with made up words). I believe the word was used to denote when my behaviour was being construed by my Parentals  as rather silly, maybe loosely similar to the word Nincompoop (yay, synonyms for non-words, I’m impressing even myself here). I recall the outrage and injustice I used to feel at this outrageous accusation. How very dare they. Though now with a few years on me I know there are far whose things to be called in this life (like a soggy biscuit or a Kardashian). So I guess I’ve forgiven the Ginger Blog Parents for Ninnyhammer. 

Artist Impression: Not actual GBD
Another memory I have is of a Ginger Blog Da ‘shutupem’, an expression used by our father for when either or all, of myself and the Ginger Blog Sisters (I have three) were horsing about too much. If my father wanted us to shut up, stop fooling about or stop tearing each others hair out he would utter the immortal line ‘Give it over’. May not seem that bad to you dear readers but it was the way he said it, his tone even, that signified he meant business and also it sort of became a single word in his bellowing, a ‘GIVEITOVER’ if you will. We all knew once uttered it was time to stop acting the maggot (is that another one?). 

When Ginger Blog Sister III came back from college and decided she didn’t hate me any more and also decided to be funny, ‘Theresa’ suddenly became our new word du jour to literally describe or refer to any female human being. We had replaced ‘yer one’ (masculine of ‘yer one’ is ‘yer man’ for those who don’t speak Oirish) with ‘Theresa’ and in particular coined the phrase ‘Good girl Theresa’ implying you girl, what ever it is you have done has pleased the Ginger Blog Family. ‘Good girl Theresa’ was used to congratulate the female members of the family (of which there always seemed many) on a job well done, GBS II washed all the dishes then ‘Good girl Theresa’.  It also was shouted at the TV to any female, horses in the Grand National a bet had been made on, when the right date was chosen by the woman on the TV show ‘Blind Date’ (a personal favourite of my mother's) or say when Sonia O’Sullivan was running for Olympic Gold for Ireland (our Sonia only ever did manage the Silver for us. Toilet issues, bless). ‘Good girl Theresa!’

GBS III also managed to help coin another one, not herself now, more by her behaviour, for this particular sister had an aversion to any household chores whilst growing up so adopted the attitude of ‘if I do them badly then I won’t be asked to do them again’. Yet my mother grew wise to her ways and in response to her half assed attempts at sweeping the floor uttered the fantastic ‘Stop throwing your arse at it’ to my sister and thus a phenomenon was born in our house. Huzzah mother, ‘Stop throwing your arse at it’ is possibly my favourite GBF expression. And you all wondered where I got it from?

Maybe this type of thing was not prevalent in your family home but I do know for a fact this goes on in other families. A close friend of our family introduced us to her family expression of ‘Burny poppy’ used to dissuade childer from touching something hot like a fire range or hob ring and also used to warn a child to blow on they’re incoming food to cool it, as it is ‘Burny poppy’. When visiting the home of my best friend from primary school as a child all words considered vulgar were not allowed to be spoken in those walls. To my embarrassment when I used the word ‘fart’ I was quickly corrected and informed that I should refer to all gaseous expoldus from anus as ‘cracks’ from now on.  Quite the traumatic experience for a six year old indeed.

Not Husband or is it?
Finally even Husband was at it in his home and coined an expression of his own when he was a child. Hmmm should I tell you this dear readers? Well here goes, I’ve started haven’t I? Husband used to refer to number two on the potty as ‘doing his no-nos’. If you look past any negative connotations, it’s kinda adorable.      

So what say you readers, got any of your own to share? 

I’d love to hear them.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Homeward Bound

So I'm flying back home to Ireland today, back to see my dear family and friends, back to the countryside, to the midlands, to the bog, to more pubs than shops, to green, to bogger accents, to Irish bacon, to Mammy's cooking and to the Craic.

I'll be in Ireland for the next 11 days and whilst I hope to do a spot of Blogging there, I suspect my Internet access may be slightly intermittent.

Talk to you all soon.


Hot Ginger of the Week: Andy Butler

I'm surprised I managed to wait this long to feature this particular redhead considering I maybe ever so slightly have a massive crush on him, almost to the point that if Husband and I say had a 'list', Mr Butler's name would probably be on mine.

I'm sure most of you out there are thinking 'GBM who in God's name is this guy?' and that's fine, makes sense even. Andy is the mastermind/DJ behind 'Hercules and Love Affair' that dance outfit that had us all sweating up a storm on the dance-floor in 2008. Still not sure well let me remind you here.

'Blind' was voted best track of 2008 by 'Pitchfork' media and I personally think it was an truly inspired idea having Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons fame) provide vocals and turning him into to this new found disco diva. Bravo Mr Butler, bravo.

For those of a nervous disposition I apologise large amount of giant man nipple on display in this particular post, it's just difficult to find any pictures of Andy with his shirt actually on (it must get hot up in that DJ booth).

For everyone else, enjoy.    


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pronounced with a Silent J: Mark IV

I just ran 10 kilometres, 10 bleedy kilometres. Christ, I certainly have come along way from this post a couple of months ago.

Bizarrely, when this song came on randomly in my shuffle it helped me sprint for the last kilometre. Who knew Girls Aloud would make for awesome jogging tuneage (don't judge me they are a guilty pleasure).

Awesome Jogging Tuneage:

I think I may be ready to reveal my Mystery Undertaking. Anybody got an idea yet?


Check this Out: Music: Leave Tonight by Neurotic Wreck

As you all know I occasionally bombard you all with my music suggestions (though at times I sometimes think you all wish I wouldn't, he he), well I just wanted to share Neurotic Wreck (aka Dan Wreck) with you all but you should know that this time it's a little different.

Dan is not signed, he does not have a record company throwing money at him to create videos and promote his music, he is a mostly unknown music producer from St Helens who more than anything loves music and creating it. He contacted me out of the blue after seeing some of my music posts and asked me to listen to his free mini album 'Leave Tonight' (find link here to download or listen for yourself).

I was blown away, I couldn't believe that this was made in someone's bedroom first off and amazed (even a little jealous) at how raw and talented this young guy is but chuffed to bits that he thought my Blog could be a good forum to promote his music.

The track that stood out for me personally is the second track 'Night Moves', I found it burrows into your head and gets stuck on repeat, great hooks and I particularly like the lyrics and sample from the movie 'Vertigo'. I asked Dan to post this song on Youtube so I could link direct on my Blog so here you guys go.

Other tracks I particularly like are 'Tear Tape', 'Someone New' and 'Without You'. I only ask if you like the sound of it to download his mixtape and share, even if it is not your cup of tea but think you might know someone who might like it, please do send it their way and share with your followers and friends.

You will find him on Bandcamp where you can download and listen to 'Leave Tonight' and Dan is also  on Blogger, Tumblr and Twitter.

Listen. Like? Share, share, share.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Benefits of being Boys

Coming out can be hard, there is an embedded fear in most closeted men of what people will do or how they will react when they finally decide they are ready to come out. No one can make you ready, when you are you will know it. The reason I decided to finally let everybody in on my secret was because I had met someone and had fallen in love. I wanted this person (yes it was Husband) to be a part of every aspect of my life. Even if the idea of homosexuality makes some people uncomfortable, I think it's hard to argue with 'love' and I think it's hard not to be happy for someone who has found it regardless of their sexuality.

Anyway mushiness aside if you do happen to be a closeted gay man and need some other maybe less 'Disney' reasons to come out then let me outline other benefits of being in a same sex relationship apart from the obvious (I already know how your junk works, high five bro!).

Whilst a little taller then he there is not much difference between Husband and I size-wise, when it comes to clothing. Therefore 50% more wardrobe to choose from. Nobody ever tells you these things when you are struggling with leaving Narnia but if I had known it might have helped me reach that point a little sooner. Clothes rarely get thrown out in our house anymore, what is Husbands worn and tatty shirt becomes my vintage. Win win.

Similarly again, Husband and I have the same size feet also so yes this works even for shoes. Double the shoes (well considering Husbands love for shoes it kinda trebled for me). Though at times we do take a different stance on the issue of shoes, I value comfort whereas Husband will happily go a size smaller if he has to in the interest of fashion, so at times it's not as fair game as you would think. Also I suffer from a very strange disability in that whenever I step foot into quite dirty places (usually nightclubs) I tend to come out with very dirty shoes. This has lead Husband to the deduction that I have a tendency to step on my own feet (way to make me sound imbecilic) and as such all lighter coloured/easily scuffed shoes are verboten. I think it might be caused by my dancing.

Yet hands down one of the more pleasurable and at times hilarious benefits of this same sex agreemento    we got going on here is the fact that we both love to play video-games together. Now I am not trying to offend any lady gamers out there, I do know you exist but lets agree that the probability is higher that two guys share an interest in video-games over say a guy and a girl or even a girl and a girl (I'm talking more Xbox and Playstaion less Wii or DS).

One of the best memories I have of our relationship is playing Resident Evil 5 co-op over the course of an entire weekend. Husband and I together sharing the joy of shooting the heads off the undead with our shotguns, solving complicated puzzles and defeating those tricky bosses (Wesker took an age to eviscerate). All ammo and health recovery items found had to be divided equally with the utmost care. This lead to hilarious altercations such as.

GBM: 'If you even dare take those shotgun bullets over in that corner of the room you are never getting laid again'


Husband: 'Thanks, while you were off trying to get that gemstone I've just been ravaged by a pack of zombie dogs, thanks for that. I beginning to wonder if you love me'  

The words would just come out and then a little while after we would be in hysterics. Nobody actually died really and it actually brought us closer together in the end. Needless to say we are pretty excited for Resident Evil 6 in October.

The joys of being young at heart.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Question of the Day?

Does anybody out there know what a 'Brony' is?

I may be turning into one. If it wasn't hard enough coming out as a gay man, now I have this to contend with.

Update soon.