Friday, 18 May 2012

Dog Envy

It would appear that everyone in Switzerland owns a dog, some even have two (greedy bastards). It's becoming harder and harder for me pass by a cute pup, off his or her leash without wanting to scoop him up and leg it. Must be careful not to or my Swiss dream will be over before it's really begun (police are everywhere in plain clothes I'm told). So yeah, if there is such a thing as broodiness for a puppy then I appear to have come down with a mighty case of this affliction.

Husband and I have been seriously considering adopting our very own pup pup but have decided to hold off until I finally secure gainful employment. Considering the fact that we may occasionally need to travel (head back to Eire for Mammy's dinner)  we need to be in a better fiscal position to afford the doggy hotels. This incredibly rational and logical decision is soul crushing to my inner child of Disney. I've so much free time at the moment and wouldn't a puppy make it so much more fulfilling? No, GBM, no, you don't get a dog because you are home all the time with nothing better to do, that's a bad GBM, sit.

To be honest it also would be great to have a dog to shoulder some of my stupidity on, say Husband arrives home to find his favourite mug or whatever shattered to pieces

GBM: 'Yeah it was the dog that broke it'

And then the dog would give Husband his big sad puppy eyes (no doubt infinitely more convincing than my big sad puppy eyes) and Husband would say.

Husband: 'Oh I could never stay mad at you'

I get off with it scott free. Mwah ha ha ha.

All this aside it's not something that we should be rushing into anyways as we are still at odds as to what breed we want our new bundle of joy to be. Personally my perfect dog has always been the Samoyed.

I might be a sucker for dogs that smile

Come on who doesn't want a dog thats known to appear to smile all the time. I'm sorry but if this picture doesn't melt the cockles of your heart then you are probably dead on the inside. Alas this dream dog of mine will have to wait as it would not be fair on this quite large dog to be cooped up in our tiny Swiss apartment, he needs lawns and fields to scamper about on. Run Sammy, run!

Back to the drawing boards, we started looking at breeds better suited to small apartments and guess what cutie was coming out on top.

Pugs, ahhhh, so ugly they're cute, I'm obsessed. The cutest thing I can think of in the whole world is a Pug in a hoodie. Come on what's not to love, they snort, they've got those cute squished up faces and those head tilts. Weird random Pug fact, you shouldn't use collars or choke chains on Pugs becuase if you pull too hard on them you could manage to pop poor little Pugsley's eyes out of his sockets. Seriously. Don't believe me watch this then (not actual video of it happening so don't worry).

So considering our wee Pug's potential health problems Husband offered a potential compromise.

It's a Puggle, cuteness overload, a Pug crossed with a Beagle. Wouldn't you just die? Okay I now realise I'm coming off like one of those crazy dog loving weirdos but perspective people, it could be worse. I could be this girl.




  1. OMG! The dogs are adorable but OMG! the "PUGGLE" is so freakin' adorable!!!! Is this girl for real! That video was hilarious!

    1. Apparently very real, why would you post that video, re-take?

  2. Thanks Brian, I now want a Puggle! Btw, I can totally dog-sit at the weekends if ye're gone home/ travelling. I just might find it difficult to give the pup pup back...

    1. He he, that'd be great Ro, still deciding when is the right time to get one. Watch this space