Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We're in no Rush Head

Confused looking just stood up face

So lately pretty much every time I stand up I seem to get a head-rush. It sort of started when I  first moved out to Zurich. Naturally I am convinced that this is the beginning of the end for me. This is clearly the first signs of some severe brain disease or worse still that some sort of spider monkey crawled into my ear while I was sleeping and laid it's eggs on my brain.

Husband thinks I might be being ever so slightly dramatic and that I should probably just stop standing up too fast. Well clearly I am not going to get any sympathy here.

To the internet then I go (Warning: Self diagnosis based on internet forum answers is a one way ticket to Failsville). Hmmm consensus seems to agree with Husband. What do you know, I could actually be dying here (okay, yup I might actually see my overly dramatised carry on now).

GBM needs help to stand or will fall over



  1. It's usually a strong indicator of low blood pressure GBM. Head down to the local GP or pharmacy and have it checked : )