Monday, 7 May 2012

Man-Boy vs. Logic Vol. 2

As described previously there are times when my singular minded focus to achieve something in particular, can push my brain tunnel to a place that completely defies logical and rational thought. I must get this thing done in this exact way because I've over thought the process now and if it's not completed soon I won't be able to relax and restless leg syndrome will take over.

Well it happened to me again and do you know what, in hindsight this is probably one of my more idiotic cognitions. It may come as a surprise to you but not all of my photos taken for this Blog are natural. I know right, shock horror.  Moving on, I had been prepping my post called The Football Fakery and had gotten it into my head that I wanted a shot of myself about to stab a football with a knife. My brain went into overdrive with how to accomplish said task.  As I did not own a football my thought process went something along the lines of this:

=>Purchase Football?
=> No job, can't afford, waste of what little money I have, will only use for one picture
=> Internet
=> Looking at videos of talking animals, ha ha, I lol
=> Snapped out of it, focus
=> ! Idea bring knife to sports shop that sells footballs, ninja photo op, get shot real quick like
=> Success

It was simple, I was a genius (insert absolute sarcasm here), so I put my plan in motion, would not tell Husband of plan till last minute so he could not talk me out of it. One random day Husband and I are preparing to head out for they day, take in the city and hit a few shops I decide to put my plan into motion. Of course I'm as subtle as a whale and Husband manages to catch me reaching into the cutlery drawer.

Husband: 'What are you doing?'

Stung, caught rotten, I decided to fess up as I'm an awful liar.

GBM: 'Eh, I just wanted to grab a knife for a photo shot I have in my head'

I would go into further detail, explain to Husband I had it all planned out and it would be a quick in and out mission when he utters the immortal line.

Husband: 'You can't have a knife on you in Switzerland! You'll get kicked out of the country if you're caught'

At that very moment I completely snap out of my lunacy and am drenched in a wave of complete rationality.  What the hell was I thinking? Dear God I am a fool. I begin to wonder how I managed before I met Husband, did I constantly get myself into trouble? Oh Husband thank you for saving me from myself. You are an amazing wonder.

I went back to the drawing board. I still wanted the shot and decided to try to get it using Photoshop (actually I used a free software program I found online called Gimp, who doesn't love free but they might want to rethink the name). So after a lot of messing about I managed to make:






Not too shabby, every cloud and all that. Thank you so much Husband because of you I can now Photoshop (and many other things, too much to go into here). You know what they always say, behind every good Ginger Blog Man there must be a good man, who is actually capable of rational thought, all the time.

Husband Logic 2: Man-Boy 0


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