Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Man-Boy and his Box

So Husband and I were awoken in the early hours with the arrival of a package (seriously Swiss postal service do you know what is a respectable time to call to someone's door?).

Giant Box
It was the ultra cool and stylish stools we had ordered for our breakfast bar, they had arrived. Husband was so giddy with excitement.

Plush, yes?

Husband then left for work, he was actually away with work outside of Zurich for the day so I knew I was pretty much alone until about seven o clock today. Once I had my usual chores done and probably because I knew I was unlikely to be disturbed, this happened: 

Wouldn't you?

Which lead to this:

Captain, raise the mizzen mast! 

Became this::

I'm a 1920's Gangster, see.

Evolved to this:

I'm The Doctor and this is my TARDIS, it's bigger on the inside.

And finally:

No way, she never? (might have run out of ideas for play by this stage).

Oh dear, well after a day like today it's become abundantly clear that I probably need to get out more and start making some friends here in Zurich.

Fun though.



  1. Nice blog. I've never been to Zurich but understand it is quite beautiful. Would love to see it firsthand some day.


    1. Thanks BosGuy, your Blog is pretty cool too, Zurich is beautiful and ridiculously clean

  2. This has made me happy. Playing is awesome! I do hope it's the only box you ever have to get inside ever again! Winkbarf!


    1. Ha ha, most likely Momo, no more boxes for this boy

  3. Nice looking gaf and it's great to see you embracing the Swiss obsession for recycling cardboard boxes albeit in a most theatrical way..

    1. Cheers Paddy, gaf lol, great to see the Irishisms haven't been bet out of you yet.

  4. Awesome!!!! This made me giggle! You know how to have fun. I would love to join you and your box for tea!

    1. You'd be very welcome Tara, Box on the other hand was talking trash about my mother so probably won't be invited back