Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Christina Hendricks

As the Ginger Blog Man it's probably about time I started doing some ginger based posting and what better way to do so than championing those attractive redheads world over, goodness knows the ginger community have got some bad press in the looks department over the years.  So I'm here to balance the scales and challenge the misconception that that redheads are not very attractive. So I present to you exhibit A the voluptuous wonder that is Christina Hendricks aka Joan Halloway from TV's Mad Men, lick. Christina is actually my girl crush (being a gay and all that), if I was to be with a woman (again) it would be the curvaceous Ms Hendricks. I mean she's more woman than most and just oozes sensuality.  The only negative is she is not actually a natural redhead but I'm not holding it against her in this instance given her complexion and the fact she's been dying her locks red for years, I believe she's flying the flag high for our cause. Like jello on springs, mmmm hmmm.


  1. I'd leave her like a painter's radio

    1. You really do always know how to make me lol

  2. Not sure I agree with allowing her be Hot Ginger of the Week GBM if she is not a natural ginger.Think about it, she never had to put up with all the childhood and teenage slagging about coppertops and freckles and is now enjoying the benefits of gingerhood without having paid the price!

  3. I'm going to allow this on the basis of her pale complexion and the fact that she's been dying red since teen years, plus also my Blog my rules :-)