Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Worst Co-Driver?

I was back in Ireland unexpectedly the past weekend and a good deal of my time was spent in cars traveling to various destinations which has made me come to the slightly disheartening relaisation that I am a terrible automotive companion.

I really don't mean to be but herein lies my problem, more often than not car journeys for me can involve me getting up at the arse-crack of dawn, I am not very good before 7:30. I'm a bit a grumpy prick to be honest and the last thing I want is someone in my face all chipper rambling at me incessantly pre my own personal morning watershed. Know this, honestly at these times it's is not you it is me (unless you are particularly annoying then it is you) however if you continually talk at me whilst I am in this sleep lacking cranky state I probably will want to stab you in the eye with a pen (know that I never would though). This will pass eventually just give me some time.

Just awake and cranky
Yet then another problem persists, the gentle vibration and hum of an automobile (also hairdryers, vacuums etc.) usually sends me off into nappy sleepy snoozy time anyway. Again when I awake from an unexpected vibro-nap I'm usually in the same crotchety state as above therefore in the end it's just a vicious circle of eye-pen stabbiness.

Sleepy Gingy will awake to become the Incredible Sulk

I feel sorry for Husband the most though. After four years he is used to me but I think every now and again he hopes beyond hope that this next car/bus/train journey together will be different. He usually looks at me pleadingly when I am about to put my headphones in and ignore him for the duration and begs:

Husband: 'You're putting your ear-phones in? Talk to me for a bit?'

Of course this is the worst thing he can say as my mind suddenly completely blanks and I am at a loss to think of a single topic we could possibly converse about. It's as if I've been temporarily lobotomised. Sorry Husband, you of all people do not deserve this, it's always me and never you. 

I guess knowing is the first step and I just want to say sorry to any one who's had the unpleasant non-experience of me as their co-driver. Well, at least I haven't taken a pen to anyones eye yet.



  1. Love it! Reminds me of my hubby, I always want to talk..... he doesn't....

    1. Ha ha, it's a bad way to be, I have to change.