Monday, 7 May 2012

GBM loves Music: Locked Down by Dr John

I would've considered myself all encompassing when it comes to my music knowledge so it's come like a kick to the ghoulies that I only am now becoming familiar with Dr. John. What the fook? The man has just under 30 albums in his prolific discography and suddenly I come along about to spout on about his latest album 'Locked Down' like I've been a fan for years or something. For shame GBM, for shame. Yet that's exactly what I'm doing. Without going into too much detail I cannot recommend Locked Down enough, it is an awe inspiring tour de force of old style funk and should be heard by the masses. They don't make music like this anymore and I guess it takes someone whose career spans decades to create an album with Locked Down's diverse sound.  My flame for this album burns even brighter when I find out that the album is a collaboration with Black Key's member Dan Auerbach. My inner music geek wets himself at this realisation as I've a bit of a boner when it comes to the Black Keys, todays pioneers of contemporary sounding blues. I wish there was away for me convey how spectacular this album is but Dr John will just have to settle for my Facebook like (that's my usual staple in this social media age). I could rattle about what feelings/mood each of the various tracks evoke for me but I won't, just listen for yourself and I promise it won't disappoint.

Standout Tracks: Locked Down, Revolution, Getaway and You Lie

Stream or Buy: Buy, buy, buy!


  1. Hmm. The YouTube link is locked down. Is this on purpoise, hah?

    1. Hmmm, will look into and fix

    2. It seems all the videos were pulled due to copyright infringement, lame