Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Peter from Drunk Grindr

It's that time of the week again. So Hot Ginger of the week goes to one of the boys from Drunk Grindr, Peter (sorry James, you too are very cute but alas a brunette). For those of you not in the know Grindr is a App you can download onto your smart phone that lets you see all the other gays in your vicinity, sort of a GPS tracking system for gay men (who needs Mr. Right when you can have Mr 30ft away). You can message each other, send pics, arrange dates and so on. Of course wouldn't you know what the gays primarily use it for? Ahem (not I, being happily married before said App exploded on the scene).

So these two boys basically get hammered and start messaging people on said App with hilarious results. They make me lol, a lot. It would actually be a little bit insulting if they weren't so gosh darn adorable. The chemistry between the two boys is amazing, they've either been friends for years or are actually a couple. Actually I kinda hope they are a couple to be honest, so cute.

Here are the boys in action (Warning: Gay men being slightly rude):



  1. This is a TERRIBLE call. You have many many choices and you chose him. May I suggest Jessica Rabbit, Daphne Blake and Kim Possible as great examples of hot gingers.

    1. Hmmm well it appears to have gone down well with my readers, this post got more hits than my 2 female hot gingers combined

  2. Don't listen to Eoin. Peter is SCORCHING!

  3. Don't listen to Eoin. Peter is SCORCHING!

  4. Where are they now? I miss them!