Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Paddy Pinings: 2. Irishisms

So another thing that I am kind of missing at the moment are those expressions, phrases even that people use day to day that are altogether inherently Irish. I've mentioned a few before in some of my postings such as 'shift' (to make out or snog someone) and 'fuck off' (used in a non aggressive way, similar to Americanism 'get out' or 'shut up'). I've been using a few occasionally in Switzerland and all I seem to be getting is confused looking faces. I'm in two minds as to weather or not I should just beat them out of my speech and accept defeat or keep at it with each new person I meet and beat these Irishisms into them. I've picked up a few over the years some of which are used throughout the green isle whilst some are specific to a particular county or area in Eire. So here you go in no particular order are some of my favourites with their translation thrown in too for those not in the know.

'You're an awful bollox' translates to 'You are quite cheeky sometimes but I like it'

'Jaysus, look at yer one, she's lost an awful sight of weight' translates to 'Look at her over there, hasn't she become very thin?'

'Aw I was in the absolute horrors last night' translated to 'I was very drunk last night, I have little to no memory of the event, anything could have happened including, vomiting, aggression and possible self urination'

'She'll carry buckets' translated to 'She would make a suitable mate as her stature is one that looks strong, plenty of labour can potentially be done by said woman'

'Stop throwing your arse at doing the washing up!' translates to 'You are not doing a very good job at washing those dishes, please put your back into the job at hand'

'Drive her like you stole her' translates to 'Please increase the acceleration of your vehicle , you are going quite slow'

'Don't mind her, she's nothing but a geebag' translates to 'Please do not listen to that woman's remarks, she's is actually a bag of vaginas'



  1. Love it! I might try the "Drive her like you stole her" one.... this should make for an interesting outcome. I'm sure my Mexican hubby is going to be VERY confused!!!! Hahhahaaa

    1. Ha, do let me know if it can translate at all, I'd be very interested to find out :-)

  2. Definitely bate the Irishisms into them - do not under any circumstances lose them :)
    FTLOG - Marian Keyesism For the Love of God :)
    p.s. love the Faher Ted picture - when they're trying to pay the bill and nearly killing each other in the process!!

    1. Love that episode of Father Ted. You will be happy to know that I am hard at it bate dem Irishisms into these Swiss fellas. Sure I would'nt have it any other way