Friday, 4 May 2012

My Paddy Pinings: 1. Curry Cheese Chips

I've decided to do a series of posts on everything altogether Irish that I'm going to miss the most now that I am officially an expat. Those general miscellany that really and truly only exist in Ireland and it is my belief that there's nothing more fitting to begin with than the humble 'Curry Cheese Chip'.

For the uneducated you are probably thinking that this is actually gross (the picture above might not help matters) but hear me out. Like the Irish themselves, it's not about looks when it comes to this delicacy. To be honest I reckon the first ever Curry Cheese Chips concocted was because of a (possible drink induced, knowing our type) mistake. In fact more often than not you have heard of someone who knows someone, whose sister's boyfriend's cousin twice removed came up with the idea to place cheese on top of curry chips (I've a vague fragmented memory of asking my local chippee to add cheese to my curry chips off menu, so guilty as charged). Tastes amazing. Nom nom nom nom.

It is not something you can nor should eat very often, moreover it should be a reward for your consumption of over ten pints of beer and not actually choking on your own vomit (I've awoken many a morning after a night of heavy drinking in my early twenties smelling of stale curry cheese and regret).  If you wish to truly sample the Curry Cheese Chip they way it's meant to be then make your way to your local ITICA chipper (Irish Traditional Italian Chipper Association, mind boggling considering no equivalent chippers are in Italy, how did these Italians create a monopoly in Ireland from something that doesn't seem to exist in their own country?). Sorry Supermacs yours just don't hold a candle to the original and best. Thick cut chips, my preference is for the cheese to be placed on next that once the curry sauce is poured over them it will speed up the melting process. The cheese should always be the finest Irish red cheddar. I'm salivating just now thinking of them, again nom.

It really is specific only to Ireland, you can walk into most chippers and order away, tried once to get them in the UK and received a response along the lines of:

English Chippee: 'Curry cheese chips? Aaaahre you menall?'

I salute you, you crazy Irish, those that have the courage and conviction to add cheese to curry sauce and for it not only to taste good but for it to become a staple in our modern fast food culture. Bravo, bravo.


  1. let us not forget the famous tradition that is the 3in1 or even more recent the 4 in 1.
    The chinease response to the Irish culture.

    ahh yes I do miss some of these crazy things we do.

    1. Ah yes 3 in 1 was a personal fav of mine too. Probably not going to happen here. Oh well.

  2. Damn, can't get chips like that in the US. Almost looks like Irish poutine. LOL