Friday, 29 June 2012

GBM is off to Berlin

It's my birthday on Sunday and Husband, darling flower that he is is taking me to Berlin for it. I fly out to meet him there today. I've been once before and cannot wait to experience the city in the summer (when we were last there it was so cold).

No posts from me I'm afraid till I get back on Monday or Tuesday. So until then have a little bit of Bloc Party in Berlin's honor. Love you Kele.

See y'all soon


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Deborah Ann Woll

For those of you who do not recognize the name, True Blood fans will surely recognise the picture above. Deborah plays Bill Compton's progeny Jessica Hamby in the HBO supernatural drama. Thing is (and I'm sure a lot of women and gay men will agree with me here) True Blood is known more so for it's incredibly attractive male actors,  watching an episode can usually leave you in a state of wanton lust but alas none of these aforementioned hotties are in the Ginger club (so glad it is back on TV).

Luckily for us the most beautiful female on the show is Miss Woll herself (sorry, Sookie and Tara, you just do not do it for me). Flawless porcelain skin and those ravishing red locks, long and dazzling. When she is on screen there are times I question my sexuality. For Deborah, I could maybe tip from a Kinsey scale six down to a five or even a four. There's just something about her that makes it impossible for you to keep your eyes off her. I reckon very soon Hollywood will come a knocking for this redheaded beauty.

That said careful with this Hot Ginger, she's known to be a bit bitey.



GBM Needs a Haircut: Updated

Apologies for my incredibly smug mug
I just felt amazing at this point

My hair has been chopped. Yay I feel so lightheaded now. My guy is an absolute craftsman, watching him work is like watching an artist about about to finish his next masterpiece, the concentration and focus on the man. I mean it's just hair like but then he stands back and you see the finished product and you are all like ahhh, yes you are a genius. No doubt I won't be able to style it again the way it is in the pic, mostly because I am lazy and also I can't really work a hairbrush and hairdryer at the same time, I suck like that.

So three cheers for a light head for these warm summer months, to my visible greys disappearing (had them in the tufts on my side), to looking fabulous and all for just €20. Take that Swiss hairdressers charging 70 francs.



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Musings from my Mammy

Not my Mammy, my one is less criey

Actual conversation with my mother when I was back in Ireland. The subject of my abilities on the soccer pitch came up.

Mammy: 'I remember watching you out in that field playing football when you were just a wee boy'

GBM: 'Oh yeah Ma?

Mammy: 'Oh yes, I used see you run in the opposite direction of the ball'

GBM: 'And you were surprised when you found out I was gay'

Mammy: 'Ah now, you were too young then to know yourself, how was I to know. I just thought you'd grow out of it'

GBM: 'Never did, did I'

Mammy: 'I guess not'

Irish mammies, you gotta love em. I know I do mine


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Friends like These

First wine of many consumed that day

When you have particular sense of humor, repetitive, juvenile, filled with vulgarity and just verging on slightly off kilter, there is a potential risk of you not finding common ground with people and finding friends that actually get you, especially if you come from a very small town like I did. That's why I feel so fortunate to have quite a large group of friends the majority of which I had met when I was still in secondary school (High School for my North American readers).  When I think back on it now what bonded us together was our differences, we were all a little weird, a little strange, with that same dark, off kilter, slightly juvenile sense of humor. We shared a love of music and alternative lifestyles, of not following the path expected of us and of getting together to just laugh our asses off, with, at and because of each other. It was hard to leave them behind but what I know and love about this mutually appreciating band of merry weirdos is the fact that we can go for days, months, years even, without seeing each other and pick up exactly where we left off. Let us meet and let us laugh. I tend not to name names or talk about anyone on my Blog without their express permission so the rest of this post will be focused on Blog Bomb but I just want the rest of my gang to know how much they mean to me and that I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to be fartarded with.

Blog Bomb and I met about 6 years ago and there was an instant connection, we could spend periods of almost 24 hours in one go in each others presence laughing at each others stupidity and childish behavior. No one else shares my love of making up terrible dance moves to even more terrible pop tunes. We share a love of absolute repetition, of playing our new most favorite you tube video or cheesy song du jour 150 times in a period of 7 hours. Our song of the weekend this time was 'Move This' by Technotronic.

  Not original video, fan made one with people doing silly dancing, feels more fitting:

We actually played this song in a hotel when they stopped playing their own tunes and began dancing around our phones with enjoyment, much to the general disapproval of the hotel guests. Who were we hurting? It takes a true kindred to enjoy a silly hat montage with a giant  Man-Boy with absolutely no shame or embarrassment, in fact with absolute gusto.

Our joy and excitement at being back in each others (and the rest of my posse) presence lead to maybe one too many drinks being consumed. It takes a true friend to get you out of a nightclub early on in the night before you lose your last shred of dignity (the key indicator being that we kept ending up in a giggling pile on the floor whilst practicing our dance moves, got the knee bruises to prove it). Time to leave, home to bed and asleep before 12 o'clock. And moreover it takes a true friend to let you know that whilst an outfit maybe be sliming it ultimately clashes with your hair (actually Husband's words but he's a true friend too and one of the best).

I didn't buy it in the end

Ahh precious memories.


Monday, 25 June 2012

GBM loves a Good Project: Updated

Yay, so as I said before we have been working on a new bedside locker for my side of the bed. We picked up this filing cabinet in our local Broki but it's grey tint alas did not go with our current color scheme (when did I become this gay?). So Husband and I have been spray-painting the locker a black metallic sheer.

That's Husband's Hand
It took a little longer to finish than we thought as we did not purchase enough paint to finish at first. I had been quite enjoying spraying away initially when Husband turns to me laughing and remarks.

Husband: 'You're hilarious, have you never used spray-paint before?'

I hadn't, Jesus how could I be doing this wrong? It seemed so simple. Whatever Husband. So I wasn't a delinquent youth during my teenage years, working on my tagging and being all rad. I was probably busy tipping cows or some other such country nonsense. So sue me.

Anywho after my education lesson in correct spray etiquette (he was right of course, as usual) we unfortunately ran out of spray-paint. So alas I'm afraid I cannot say that I really contributed much to this project. I was back in Ireland getting my wine on and catching up with my besties when Husband sends me this picture.

Looks great, yesh?

It's finished. I guess I am a little disappointed I didn't get to help much with this but that said doesn't it look awesome? Go Husband go.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Zurich Sunday Brunch: Huusmaa

If there is one thing that gays know how and where to do, it's brunch. Ask me where to go for Sunday brunch in Dublin and I would have a list for you as long as me arm. In keeping with this I am going to try to suss out a few new places in Zurich and post about them.

Now understand this, I think mine and Husbands definition of brunch versus the common perceived conception does differ slightly.  Commonality being that it is a meal served in between breakfast and lunchtime ergo you should have brunch somewhere between 11 and 12 o clock. Well Husband and I usually throw that convention on it's head as we enjoy staying in bed till at least 12 o clock on a Sunday morning so brunch for us is usually a meal served between 2 and 3 o clock that's big enough to satisfy our insatiable appetites to cover two whole meals. Come on think about it? Which version sounds better to you? More often than not brunch usually follows the night before, whatever that may have been and you could generally tell how we were feeling by what we ordered. For example if I was particularly hungover more often a stodgy fry or pancakes would be my plate du jour.

So our first taste of Zurichian brunchness (yes I know it's Zuricher but I prefer my word. Whatever, I do what I want) was in Huusmaa on 138 Badenerstrasse in Kreis 4. It was buffet style, all you can eat with one hot drink for 32 francs. So come on an empty stomach and you will get your moneys worth (went back for seconds and thirds). We actually were invited to brunch by a workmate of Husband's who didn't know about our flipped brunch rule and booked us in for 11 o clock (first strike against Zurich brunch, you need to make a reservation). Naturally being Irish we were late but alas not our fault, as my bike Stella was acting up. You order your drink and then approach the counter, you are given plate and a croissant to start you off. My croissant had this extra pointy bit on the middle, it's like they knew I was going to blog about them so they gave me extra. Then it's a case of help yourself, freshly baked bread awaits you, along with cereals, muesli, fruit, continental meats and cheeses, the traditional fry, the swiss staple (potato rosti, nom) and bizarrely enough some pasta dish (I guess veering more towards the lunch side of brunch).

The revelation was this Spinach and Goats cheese spread (that green thingy on my plate) I went back for forths with that one. Nom Nom Nom. Also of note is the decor, this place pretty funky I must say, an assortment of different light fixtures (some working some not) spray painted turquoise, litter the ceiling. Along with obligatory disco ball and throughout, portraits by one particular street artist.

Our waitress was an absolute delight, incredibly friendly and only too glad to answer our questions (of which there were many) in English.  Of note is that Huusmaa is not open for business on a Saturday, rather the premises is rented out for large parties and such on this day. Sadly as well just as we were leaving one of this waitress's cakes collapsed on itself, she took it in her stride like a trooper and laughed it off. It made me want to buy the whole thing off her, cuteness.

All in all Hussmaa was a complete success.

Noms: 4 Noms out of 5

Friday, 22 June 2012

Back to my Shire

Bit of Sparch, anyone?

Back to the homestead this weekend, back to my green isle. It's a funny one, my mother decided to text me a bit of a warning the other day.

Ma Text: 'Just to let you know, it is lashing here, hope you are prepared for it'

Ominous yesh? Lashing, for those not in the know would be akin to 'raining like a mother fucker' however my mother delicate flower that she is, would never say any such vulgarity. So where did I come from then eh?

I wasn't thinking about it much before she texted me but I guess I wouldn't have been prepared, no. It might come as a bit of a shock to the system given the great weather here. That said Zurich isn't always sunny but after it rains it does tend to clear for a couple of scorchers of days. It's doesn't matter as I'm not coming back for the weather, I'm homeward to see my rag-tag bag of weirdo friends who are ah-mah-zing and my lovely family. Ain't no rain-showers are going to dampen my spirits.

My guest contributor Blog Bomb will be putting me up for the few nights in my old homestead of Galway. No doubt we will come up with some increasingly juvenile crapulence for the Blog together, post on my return.

Us as kids, you'll be happy to know that the wristbands
are no longer part of my wardrobe, thank Husband

Can't wait, let the madness begin.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

GBM needs a Haircut

My hair is ridiculously long and it's driving me mental. I've been holding off getting it cut until I fly home to Ireland tomorrow. Going to go to my regular guy because he is amazing and doesn't cost 100 francs (come on Switzerland, it's mens hair, there ain't much of it). So for the past few days I've been the Ginger Hat Man, not allowing my unruly lion's mane out to be seen.

This is fine for now because I had this trip back to Ireland planned for some time but flying home every few months or so to get a haircut is not maintainable and is a false economy. Eventually I need to find a good barber that won't bankrupt me in der Schweiss. Suggestions welcome readers. What I do know for sure is that come next Wednesday I will look like this again.....

Obviously without the natural sepia tint, that's Instagram's doing (yes I know, I suck). I feel better just thinking about it, ahhhh, soon. A haircut you can set your watch by.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Michael C Hall

Hot Ginger is early this week as I'm feeling lazy and I can usually throw these together on the quick. Step up to the plate mister Dexter Morgan himself. It is no mean feat to play a serial killer and not only make him likable but also sexy.

It's a weird one this, as David Fisher in Six Feet Under I never really found him that sexy. I think it was maybe because that character was so uptight. Then Dexter came along and when I saw that opening credit sequence I was like hello Michael C Hall, you have arrived.

With each new season we see Dexter develop his humanity and also his sexuality and ability to be intimate with other people (he starts out almost impotent). So with each new season we've watched Mr Hall become more and more attractive. 

Careful though now, this is one Hot Ginger that you don't want to turn you back on (well, if you are another killer yourself at least). 


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm Twittering Darhling

Today I think is a big day for me in the Blogosphere. Today is the day I reached 1000 Twitter followers. Thanks a mill guys. You love me, you all really love me.

Thing is I don't really know what all this means. Random people follow me on Twitter and sometimes it's unclear if it's because they actually like my tweets and read my Blog or if they are in fact robots of some kind or just want a follow back (which I have no problem giving). Out of the 1000 people there are a select few awesomes that I interact with frequently. In fact I believe one of my biggest fans found me though Twitter and is always favouriting and retweeting my posts (You know who you are Liane Greathead and I am eternally grateful).

I didn't really get Twitter until recently. When I first joined I just followed a few celebrities and never really tweeted. This of course is incredibly dull. Then I started following normal people and just havin chats and interacting, with other bloggers too and suddenly I got it. Drunken tweeting whilst Eurovision is on or  recapping the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, this is what this platform was made for. The hilarity ensued.

So yeah on this day I'm happy to say that I am a twitter convert. Some Eddie below in its honor.

Bubble: 'Should I Twitter that?' 

Eddie: 'Yes, Twitter it, Twitter it'


Monday, 18 June 2012

Man-Boy no more?

Is that another wrinkle? Who cares!
Next month is my birthday and I will be entering what is known as my late twenties. To be honest I quite relish getting older, you grow up, tend to make less of an ass of yourself and men tend to get better looking with age. So I've that to look forward to.

Although lately I've been thinking with the entering of this age milestone how long more can I continue with my Man-Boy ways before it just becomes sad? Is it time for throw out my Converse? Should I bin my Superhero t-shirts? Is it time to hang up my Nerf gun (but I only just got it and have yet to have a 'Spaced' inspired shootout)?

How long before it's creepy that I am first in line to a Pixar film yet have no child of my own? So far I've managed to get by all these years of my twenties with my child like demeanor coming off as cute. For how much longer? When will someone turn to me and tell me to grow the hell up. I've been finding myself getting worse rather than better. I crave more and more of the things that make me happy and they are ultimately juvenile. Is this wrong? Should I change? I've noticed some gray hairs (someone once, years ago told me Gingers don't go gray and I believed them, so this was a bit of a shock to me), should I take these as a sign, a sign to finally grow up and stop regressing. Even with music, I've been listening more and more to the albums that made me happy when I was but a teeny booper, I scream along to Jimmy Eat Worlds 'Bleed American' and reminisce of teenage puppy love and smelling freshly cut grass on a summers evening listening to this album when I should have studying for my Leaving Certificate exams.

Is it time to give away my Xbox 360 and Wii consoles (ha, over Husbands dead body)? To finally stop watching cartoons (but the Legend of Korra is amazing)?

Not yet, I can't do it. Not just yet.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

This Made me Liz Myself

For non 30 Rock fans (how could you) to Liz oneself basically means to laugh so much you whizz. Hence Lizzing. Jack McBrayer you are hilarious.

Uploaded again as became apparent my Irish readers could not see this video, which is a sacrilege!

Loves me some of this.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

GBM love Music: Here by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Just got the new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album 'Here'. Literally just listening to it now for the first time, so as a whole I don't have an opinion formed yet on the album (love the first 6 tracks so far).

I tend to consume a large amount of music, a lot of the happiest memories I have tend to revolve around music in some way. I mean, my favourite place to be in the world is the Electric Picnic music festival in Ireland. That said I tend to consume a lot of my music on the go, on my iPod or iPhone and at times this can mean with some artists I miss out on the visual connection to their music. I'll know their album back to front, sound and lyric wise but may have absolutely no idea what this artist I've been obsessing over actually looks like. I'm very pro this current digital consumption that exists today but maybe with music there's still a lot to be said for being able to hold an album in your hand and look through the album artwork. I'm too far gone to change now however and at Swiss prices?!? I think not. Well this is what happened to me with Edward Sharpe, loved their first album but had no idea what the band looked like.

So this morning when I started playing 'Here', I saw Husband flittering away at my laptop, he turns the screen around and asks if I had seen the video for 'Man on Fire'. I had not.

Wow, I was blown away, it was a beautiful visual accompaniment to an alluring piece of music. This video, not to sound sappy, filled my heart with joyous wonderment. I'd been listening to a lot of dance music lately because hell I love to dance but I guess I forgotten about this feeling. About connecting emotionally with a piece of music, when it comes out of nowhere and suddenly you feel happiest you felt in along time. Flashback to the last silly piece of music that made you feel this way and then you are elated even more because you know that no matter how much music you listen to ultimately you will feel this way again in the future.  Some new artist will come along with something else and this wave of happiness will crash around you again.

And I look forward to that day knowing that this will be the moment that I will flashback to.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Lily Cole

This weeks Hot Ginger is a bit of an enigma. Most famous as a model but what I love about Lily Cole is once you think you have her figured she goes and pulls the rug from under you. Like all models she tried her hand at acting, her debut was as the intelligent one of the rag tag group of teenage prosititues who were trying to save their brothel from foreclosure in those St. Trinian movies (at least that's what I thought that movie was about. A girls boarding school you say? Then why were they all dressed like hookers?). Not off to a good start eh? Then out of nowhere came her performance in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, I went in for the curio of Heath Ledger's final performance and found Cole to be the revelation (sorry Heath, but the Joker knocked me socks off). 

So I was all okay Lily Cole, colour me intrigued. Then last year she popped up again on my radar, girl had gone and gotten herself to college. Cambridge University no less, graduated top of her class with a Double First in History of Art. Beauty, brains, talent and red hair. 

What more can you ask for?



We bought this BBQ last summer, it's bleddy tiny. We had this miniscule balcony in our apartment in Dublin and this little gal was perfect size for it. It folds down flat for each storage, ingenious (obligatory link meow). So it arrived one day in the post in May last year and I waited for the next sunny evening to spring an impromptu flame grilled meat supreme BBQ party. And I waited. And I waited some more but it never came (shakes fist in the air at Ireland). Apparently our summer was for a week in April last year but I failed to get that memo. Oh Ireland, I don't mean to be a bitch. You are hands down my favorite place to be when it's sunny but......well you know how it is.

So last night we finally christened, little Betty Bouffant Quentin (see what I did there) and it was a roaring success. Cheers Switzerland you have succeeded where Ireland failed. Nom nom nom, tastes like victory. It is was a bittersweet moment however with the success came the realisation that we could  quite easily upgrade to a bigger machine. I mean, I'm no size-queen or anything but our balcony is huge!

Sorry Betts, you can be our outdoor and portable BBQ. 


Thursday, 14 June 2012

GBM loves a Good Project

Look what Husband and I found in our local Brocki (Swiss equivalent of Good-Will or Oxfam) for only 25 francs. It needs some work to but isn't it kinda cool. We are going to use it as a bed side locker, that said the silver colour doesn't really go with the rest of our furniture. So cue pic below.....

With a wire wool pad, some acetone and a can of black metallic spray-paint the plan is to create something more in tune with our current decor. Anthea Turner eat you heart is all I'm saying. Watch this space for updates.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

GBM is Sorry

Guys, unexpectedly I have been crazy busy this week and alas my blogging has fallen by the wayside. I never intended to desert you all but occasionally real life can get in the way of your virtual life. Been busy hanging out with people face-to-face, I know right, sacrilegious.

Please note I intend to quickly correct this state of abandonment in the coming days. Lots to say, to write, to photo, just gimme some time to cluster fuck it all together.

And remember that I love you.


Friday, 8 June 2012

Pronounced with a Silent J: Mark III

Went out for another jog yesterday, probably my personal best yet in terms of distance and lack of tortuous stitches. It was a 25 degree day in Zurich and the sun was shining when I started. Things were going great, my app told me I was halfway so I did a 180 and started making my way back. It was at this point the rain came, at first I thought it was exhilarating, light speckles for rain to cool me down in this sweaty summer heat. Listening to some old school nineties trance I started to quicken my pace.

Then the heavens opened, the downpour came and I could barely see a few steps in front of me. Still kinda exhilarating up until a giant bolt of lighting struck close by me, suddenly leaves and branches were falling all around me, twirling in the air. If I wasn't nearly wrecked by this stage I should have been running for cover or my life (overdramatic yes, but that's who I am). What was exhilarating was becoming a tad hurricane like. But it did give me an incentive to run faster.

When I finally made it home I looked like this.

My runners had become a squelch-factory of moistness. Nary a part of me was not soaked.

Swimming Pool Runners anybody?
 That said it could of been worse. A tree nearly fell on Husband (he's fine by the way).

Awesome Jogging Tuneage:


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Michael Fassbender

This week's Hot Ginger is also a fellow Irishman and what an Irishman (I know, I know, German too). Fassbender burst onto our radar when playing a barely dressed Spartan warrior in the movie '300' (was it the director's intention to make the most homoerotic movie since 'Top Gun'?).  Since then he's been going from strength to strength impressing us with his powerful performance in 'Hunger' and managed to help breathe fresh life into the 'X-Men' series after it was nearly destroyed by Brett Rathner's third installment, 'X-Men: The Last Stand'.  In fact anyone who has seen Micheal in last years 'Shame' will be well aware of his huge ahem talent. No in all seriousness, the man is a terrific actor and was unjustly snubbed by the Oscars for his harrowing performance of a sex-addict in the movie 'Shame' (a great movie but one I will probably never watch again, tough going).

Go on ya good thing Mick.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Wondrous Purchase

I freaking love my new cordless Dyson vacuum I christened Trevor. Terrifically awesome.

That is all


GBM Loves Music: Instinct by Niki & the Dove

Just got Niki & the Dove's debut Instinct and I'm really enjoying it at the moment so I thought I'd share. The band's sound is very reminiscent of early Kate Bush but with that current contemporary electropop sound (that said no one does Kate Bush better than Kate Bush herself). It's a fluid album and an uplifting listen. If you like weird sounding female singers and your Pop/Dance to have that added layer do check them out.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ich Liebe Dick?

First day of School

Today was my first day of German lessons since I arrived in Zurich. I'm doing A1.2 in a one month intensive course, 5 half-days a week. I only enrolled yesterday so unfortunately I missed the first day, no matter.

I have a Stift. No it's not what you think!

I arrived to my class today full of wide eyed enthusiasm and ready to learn this mother of a language. German I'm gonna make you my bitch. Alas it was not to be however as it was clear when class had started that I had missed quite a bit yesterday. I was struggling. Thing was I could understand what was being said for the most part but when I tried to throw together a sentence the words wouldn't come out and in the end it was only English I could mumble. Fail.

Then my German teacher (who is lovely by the way as he never made me feel bad for my inability find the correct word in German) thought wouldn't it be a great way to introduce me to the group by writing a small text about my little life. Seemed innocent enough.

Started with the usual, where you lived etc. but as he looked for more clarity my basic German was not letting me say what I wanted to and as such more English ended up coming out. I was starting to feel mortified at my uselessness. I knew the question was coming up about what I did for a living and I was thinking how was I to explain this in German? Unemployed but looking for work, part time blogger, unpaid intern? Nope the girl closest to me said earlier that she was a 'Hausfrau'; a housewife, I decided I'll just say the masculine of that. So when the question came finally this is how it played out.

GBM: 'Ich bin Fraumann'

German Teacher: 'Was?'

He looked confused, I was thinking, I know it's weird that a man is the homemaker but come on guy this is the 21st century, jeez. I reiterated.

GBM: 'Ich bin Fraumann. Ich bin Fraumann.'

Suddenly I realise that the whole class is laughing at me and I was thinking, what is with these people? There is nothing wrong with me being a male homemaker in this day and age, get with the program German class. Then the penny dropped, I may have thought I was saying 'I'm a Homemaker' when in fact I was actually saying 'I'm a Woman-Man' 'I'm a Woman-Man' over and over. Oh well, I've never been known to make a good first impression.

I didn't have time to be that embarrassed as the next question that was thrown my way was if I moved over with my partner.

GBM: 'Ja, mit mein Partner'

But my German Teacher interjected

GT: 'Mit ein Partner oder Partnerin'

I think he assumed I'd used the wrong gender for the word and was trying to correct me (Partnerin means female partner).

GBM: 'Mit mein Partner, he's a man'

Great in the first half an hour of my german course I've managed to tell everyone that I am a Woman-Man and a homosexual. I would've told them eventually (the gay thing not the woman-man thing) but you know casually drop it into one on one conversations not have it announced to the class.

I feel foreboding for this course's future and mine.


My Paddy Pinnings: 3. Irish Red Cheddar

You know when something is such a big staple in your life, always there, that you truly didn't realise how important it was until it was gone? I'm having this feeling about Irish Red Cheddar. Cheddar was by no means my favorite cheese, it was just always there for me, the cheese I grated into my sandwiches, the cheese I placed on my burgers or used in my mexican dishes. Yet if I was to have a fancy wine and cheese night it would be the Bries, the Smoked Goudas or the Camemberts that commonly end up on my cracker. Cheddar was like the reliable and supportive older brother that you always took for granted. Now I am at a loss as to what should be melting on top of my hamburger, Swiss cheese, agg it's just not the same.

I was actually discussing this online with a close friend who's over in Brown university in Boston doing her PHD (I think she's trying to teach a monkey how to wrestle robots, rocket a mouse to Uranus with just her thumb or some other such science). She said to me that I probably miss red cheddar because it is 'the redhead of the cheese world' and hence my affinity for it.

Makes sense, I think.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Continued Adventures in Misspelling

Dis is who yous spellz it, right?

I feel fated to continue my passed mistakes.  After going through a couple of my older posts I noticed a multitude of irregularities that managed to get by my Blogger spell check.

GBM: ‘Good Lord, I’ve made loads spelling mistakes in my last few posts that I am only noticing now’

Husband: ‘Yeah I’ve noticed’

GBM: ‘Well why didn’t you tell me?’

Husband: ‘I thought that was the point, no? Aren’t you being cute’

GBM: ‘Well surly you can tell difference from when I am being cute or stupid with my word-blergs from when I actually make mistakes? Look here (points at screen) I used invested instead of infested, this sentence doesn’t make any sense.’

Husband glares at me.

GBM: ‘Don’t look at me like that, I know how stupid I sound, doesn’t change how I feel. You know me better than anyone, so you should get my speechisms. Weren’t you supposed to be my proofreader?’

Husband: ‘Yeah but you gave out to me when I started correcting you so I stopped’

GBM: ‘I gave out to you about the way you were correcting me. I didn’t say for you to stop. Just to be nicer about it’

Husband: ‘Can you actually hear yourself?’

GBM: ‘I’m very complicated, there are layers here’

Husband laughs.

GBM: ‘Okay even I’m not buying that last statement but still help a brother out, save me from myself’

Husband: ‘I’m leaving now’

GBM: ‘It’s just stream of consciousness stuff that I just type-vomit onto the page, I look over it about three or four times for mistakes but when you have been staring at something you wrote for an age sometimes it’s hard to see your crapulence’ 

Husband: ‘Have you tried writing it then leaving it for 15 or 20 minutes and coming back, you’ll pick up any mistakes better that way’

GBM: ‘Well this sounds like a great idea and makes a lot of sense so of course I haven’t tried it. I’m really more of a shoot now have Husband point out incompetence afterwards kinda guy.’

Husband: ‘You really are you own illiterate worst enemy. And your logic is messed up, how am I in the wrong here’

GBM: ‘Because that’s the why’

Husband: ‘That doesn’t make any sense’

GBM: ‘You don’t make any sense’ 

Ultimately I was more angry at myself than at Husband but I thought I was doing so well but my new found spelling confidence was only making me reckless. I think I managed to weed out most of the errors and fix them, so new readers you should have no problems. 

To my older readers and Husband I made you all this video as an apology for my lameification. It’ll never happen again..............until it does and Husband helps me correct it.

Totes remorse here, I swearsies.


And We're Back

Huzah, my internetlessness exile would appear to be over, now I can get back to what's important, hanging out with people online, hmmm wondering if maybe I have my priorities wrong. Anywho posts coming soon but in the meantime come have a celebratory Krump with me and the Community boys for my return. 

Good to be back.