Monday, 21 May 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Karen Gillan

It must be that time of the week again, you know I'm actually really glad I started doing some regular posts as circumstances this week have seen to it being a little more difficult than usual for me to find things to write about. Happy to have those old reliable hot gingers to post about and there is none more worthy than this weeks entry.

For those not in the know Karen Gillan plays Doctor Who's personal companion Amy Pond in the most recent series of the show and she has been an absolute revelation. I do love Matt Smith's current take on the Doctor (that said Mr. Tennant will always be my favourite incarnation) but I completely adore the character of Amy Pond, she is as the Doctor would say 'brilliant'. Whenever Ms Gillan is on screen you simply cannot take your eyes off her, she is electric and a timeless beauty.

I had been trying to put my finger on what is about her that makes her this dynamic vision and whilst I wish I could say it was her vibrant red locks, ultimately her most striking feature are those big beautiful eyes (pardon my cliché). That said her hair is definitely her second most defining feature. It will be a major loss to the show when the Ponds (Amy and her husband Rory) bow out of the show halfway through the next series. I doubt it will be the last we see of her though. This is one hot ginger who's star is definitely on the rise.


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