Monday, 28 May 2012

Pronounced with a Silent J? Mark II

I no longer want to punch jogging in the face. Yay, I am growing as a person. I almost did an update on this post a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you I was actually feeling an altogether different way. I had been doing over 6km and I just really was not able for it. Each day we'd go out jogging I would get worse. Jog less, walk more, get stitches all over and Husband on the other hand was just going from strength to strength. Every time I would pass a jogger that looked less fit than me but barely breaking a sweat I would want to claw his/her eyes out in frustration (I'm really not violent, honestly).

So I was almost about to give up when Husband and I decided that whilst we would start our jogs together I would do less and build up to it, defeat admitted to. I started using an App I had on my iPhone called 'Couch to 5K' and I am beginning to see great improvement because of it. I'm jogging about 4.3km in 33 minutes with the aim to work up to 5km in 30 minutes (I'm about 2 weeks away from this).  Really starting to feel that I am no longer jogging's bitch.

On a negative note the Mayflies have spawned from the river in the last few days and are swarming all over trying to get horizontal with each other. This last run I swallowed three of them, tastes like feet, grossburgers.

Awesome Jogging Tuneage:



  1. I want a picture of you swallowing mayflies please! That sounds hilarious! Also, be nice to them, their lives are not so long, some only live half an hour the poor poops. They have probably passed the story of the ginger masicator who comes along every few thousand seconds and ate yer great great grand papa! Just shut yer trap!

    1. Eh they flew into my mouth, not my problem they have a death-wish for their all too short lives. No pics, how would one do that anyway with out me going out and purposely trying to eat them? Plus they appear to have nearly all dies off now, poor Mayflies. Oh well bring on the Junebugs