Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Prince Harry

Well who saw this coming eh? When the whole world (girls and gays) was swooning over Wills in the late nineties and early naughties, who knew that his goofy looking little ginger bro would grow into himself and actually surpass William in the looks department? Oh Harry you have done a great service to our kind and I don't mean enlisting.

What I like most about the young royal though is that he went a little bit mad during his teenage years and we kinda all got to come along for the ride, smoking a bit of splif (not condoning here) or dressing inappropriately at a fancy dress party (definitely not condoning). He was a bit of a jack the lad in his time. It made him ultimately more relatable than any of his counterparts, yes, I'm a silly teenager and occasionally I may make a twat of myself. All behind him now as he's too busy fighting terrorists at the moment à la Chuck Norris (I kid).

Cheers Harry, you are a fine example of a pleasant surprise in the ginger stakes.


  1. I was quite surprised myself when I saw what a handsome young man Harry turned out to be. I always thought William was going to be the "hot" one...hahaha

  2. More like Hot Ginger of, like, EVER. A-woo!

  3. May need an update after today's revelations in Vegas, oh yeah!!

    1. You will not believe the traffic I am getting because of this Vegas escapade. Maybe something tomorrow

    Nice, sooo nice... ( both - prince and author ) ;)

  5. Enjoyed this post! I think he's the hottest Royal.