Friday, 1 June 2012

GBM likes Art: Le Palais de Tokyo - Paris

GBM loves Modern Art but doesn't have a clue about it. I don't know many of the artists name, why they do what they do, if one piece is an expression of someone's femininity or just a ridiculous amount of drawings of vaginas. That said when we stopped through Paris recently, we popped into the modern art museum Le Palais de Tokyo and I basically took a few pics of all my favourite installations. I was going to do some research on all the pieces and wow you with extensive knowledge of modern art but in the end I found that this wouldn't be me being true to myself. Anyone who knows me would be all 'I'm not buying it GBM' so in the end I've decided just post the images of the ones I like and give a reason why. For any actual modern art aficionados I apologise in advance.

This installation was four pianists playing the same song yet all slightly out of sync. It was nauseating like something out of a horror movie. I loved it.

This GIF is of an installation that was just a load of outfits being blown about by floor fans like my Ryan Gosling. Look, ooh pretty, reminds me of that movie Return to Oz (weirdly enough not the original Wizard of Oz).

This I thought was cool because in the photo I actually get to become part of the art (bit of shameless self promotion) and look also I Instagrammed the photo to make it look worse better, you're welcome.

Finally we have the best for last. This was actually a video installation and I managed to find this image online (I didn't make a video, that said not sure if the artist would have appreciated if I did). When myself, Husband and our friend Celeste stumbled upon this video it had us in absolute hysterics. It's called 'Some objects blackened and a body too' by Lilli Reynaud-Dewar (did my research on this one as it was so awesome) and it's basically a video of the aforementioned blackened body dancing around the room of blackened objects. We appeared to be the only people laughing at the video and I was feeling inappropriate but Celeste (who works in the Modern Art World) assured us that the artist was probably trying to be humorous when she created this installation. I want more of this please, art that makes me so happy I literally cannot stop laughing. We spent the duration of the weekend imitating all the dance moves albeit not nude or blackened. Worth the trip alone for the experience.

Thank you art, you are funny.



  1. Visited our local Art gallery for the first time in ages the other week.
    It had some video installation but I can't say I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I am more of a classics lover although there was some pretty cool shopping trolleys

    “Lizard Happy”

  2. I think you would have enjoyed this one, if you like silly dancing, naked women and black body paint. Honestly whats not to like

  3. I'm not sure exactly how I came across your blog - except I saw "ginger" and that immediately got my attention. Anyway, I don't normally read blogs but reading a few of yours and I just have to say you are TOO FUCKING CUTE! Both in appearance and personality. Hope your hubby realizes what a lucky bloke he is.
    Michael - ginger fan in the USA

    1. Why thank you Michael. You'll make my head expand with compliments like this. I'm pretty lucky too, lucky to have an amazing Husband and lucky to meet so many lovely online friends like you. Glad you like the Blog