Saturday, 16 June 2012

GBM love Music: Here by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Just got the new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album 'Here'. Literally just listening to it now for the first time, so as a whole I don't have an opinion formed yet on the album (love the first 6 tracks so far).

I tend to consume a large amount of music, a lot of the happiest memories I have tend to revolve around music in some way. I mean, my favourite place to be in the world is the Electric Picnic music festival in Ireland. That said I tend to consume a lot of my music on the go, on my iPod or iPhone and at times this can mean with some artists I miss out on the visual connection to their music. I'll know their album back to front, sound and lyric wise but may have absolutely no idea what this artist I've been obsessing over actually looks like. I'm very pro this current digital consumption that exists today but maybe with music there's still a lot to be said for being able to hold an album in your hand and look through the album artwork. I'm too far gone to change now however and at Swiss prices?!? I think not. Well this is what happened to me with Edward Sharpe, loved their first album but had no idea what the band looked like.

So this morning when I started playing 'Here', I saw Husband flittering away at my laptop, he turns the screen around and asks if I had seen the video for 'Man on Fire'. I had not.

Wow, I was blown away, it was a beautiful visual accompaniment to an alluring piece of music. This video, not to sound sappy, filled my heart with joyous wonderment. I'd been listening to a lot of dance music lately because hell I love to dance but I guess I forgotten about this feeling. About connecting emotionally with a piece of music, when it comes out of nowhere and suddenly you feel happiest you felt in along time. Flashback to the last silly piece of music that made you feel this way and then you are elated even more because you know that no matter how much music you listen to ultimately you will feel this way again in the future.  Some new artist will come along with something else and this wave of happiness will crash around you again.

And I look forward to that day knowing that this will be the moment that I will flashback to.


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