Monday, 4 June 2012

Continued Adventures in Misspelling

Dis is who yous spellz it, right?

I feel fated to continue my passed mistakes.  After going through a couple of my older posts I noticed a multitude of irregularities that managed to get by my Blogger spell check.

GBM: ‘Good Lord, I’ve made loads spelling mistakes in my last few posts that I am only noticing now’

Husband: ‘Yeah I’ve noticed’

GBM: ‘Well why didn’t you tell me?’

Husband: ‘I thought that was the point, no? Aren’t you being cute’

GBM: ‘Well surly you can tell difference from when I am being cute or stupid with my word-blergs from when I actually make mistakes? Look here (points at screen) I used invested instead of infested, this sentence doesn’t make any sense.’

Husband glares at me.

GBM: ‘Don’t look at me like that, I know how stupid I sound, doesn’t change how I feel. You know me better than anyone, so you should get my speechisms. Weren’t you supposed to be my proofreader?’

Husband: ‘Yeah but you gave out to me when I started correcting you so I stopped’

GBM: ‘I gave out to you about the way you were correcting me. I didn’t say for you to stop. Just to be nicer about it’

Husband: ‘Can you actually hear yourself?’

GBM: ‘I’m very complicated, there are layers here’

Husband laughs.

GBM: ‘Okay even I’m not buying that last statement but still help a brother out, save me from myself’

Husband: ‘I’m leaving now’

GBM: ‘It’s just stream of consciousness stuff that I just type-vomit onto the page, I look over it about three or four times for mistakes but when you have been staring at something you wrote for an age sometimes it’s hard to see your crapulence’ 

Husband: ‘Have you tried writing it then leaving it for 15 or 20 minutes and coming back, you’ll pick up any mistakes better that way’

GBM: ‘Well this sounds like a great idea and makes a lot of sense so of course I haven’t tried it. I’m really more of a shoot now have Husband point out incompetence afterwards kinda guy.’

Husband: ‘You really are you own illiterate worst enemy. And your logic is messed up, how am I in the wrong here’

GBM: ‘Because that’s the why’

Husband: ‘That doesn’t make any sense’

GBM: ‘You don’t make any sense’ 

Ultimately I was more angry at myself than at Husband but I thought I was doing so well but my new found spelling confidence was only making me reckless. I think I managed to weed out most of the errors and fix them, so new readers you should have no problems. 

To my older readers and Husband I made you all this video as an apology for my lameification. It’ll never happen again..............until it does and Husband helps me correct it.

Totes remorse here, I swearsies.



  1. Oh my goodness, how can I resist such an adorable face. I make some shocking typos but if all else fails, I try to pass it off and the way we spell it "down under" lol

  2. see, even in my comments I make typos lol

    1. Thanks Mynx, I'll try that, pass it off as Irishisms (that said half my readership is Irish so the probably won't buy it). Ha ha glad to see I'm not alone.

  3. I love your video :) Super cute! Nice hipster-quiff!

    It's not really your fault hey.. half of what we say is either made up words or txt speak.

    Lol morto!


    1. Yup bastardising language is what wiz good at, marp!