Friday, 15 June 2012


We bought this BBQ last summer, it's bleddy tiny. We had this miniscule balcony in our apartment in Dublin and this little gal was perfect size for it. It folds down flat for each storage, ingenious (obligatory link meow). So it arrived one day in the post in May last year and I waited for the next sunny evening to spring an impromptu flame grilled meat supreme BBQ party. And I waited. And I waited some more but it never came (shakes fist in the air at Ireland). Apparently our summer was for a week in April last year but I failed to get that memo. Oh Ireland, I don't mean to be a bitch. You are hands down my favorite place to be when it's sunny but......well you know how it is.

So last night we finally christened, little Betty Bouffant Quentin (see what I did there) and it was a roaring success. Cheers Switzerland you have succeeded where Ireland failed. Nom nom nom, tastes like victory. It is was a bittersweet moment however with the success came the realisation that we could  quite easily upgrade to a bigger machine. I mean, I'm no size-queen or anything but our balcony is huge!

Sorry Betts, you can be our outdoor and portable BBQ. 


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