Sunday, 24 June 2012

Zurich Sunday Brunch: Huusmaa

If there is one thing that gays know how and where to do, it's brunch. Ask me where to go for Sunday brunch in Dublin and I would have a list for you as long as me arm. In keeping with this I am going to try to suss out a few new places in Zurich and post about them.

Now understand this, I think mine and Husbands definition of brunch versus the common perceived conception does differ slightly.  Commonality being that it is a meal served in between breakfast and lunchtime ergo you should have brunch somewhere between 11 and 12 o clock. Well Husband and I usually throw that convention on it's head as we enjoy staying in bed till at least 12 o clock on a Sunday morning so brunch for us is usually a meal served between 2 and 3 o clock that's big enough to satisfy our insatiable appetites to cover two whole meals. Come on think about it? Which version sounds better to you? More often than not brunch usually follows the night before, whatever that may have been and you could generally tell how we were feeling by what we ordered. For example if I was particularly hungover more often a stodgy fry or pancakes would be my plate du jour.

So our first taste of Zurichian brunchness (yes I know it's Zuricher but I prefer my word. Whatever, I do what I want) was in Huusmaa on 138 Badenerstrasse in Kreis 4. It was buffet style, all you can eat with one hot drink for 32 francs. So come on an empty stomach and you will get your moneys worth (went back for seconds and thirds). We actually were invited to brunch by a workmate of Husband's who didn't know about our flipped brunch rule and booked us in for 11 o clock (first strike against Zurich brunch, you need to make a reservation). Naturally being Irish we were late but alas not our fault, as my bike Stella was acting up. You order your drink and then approach the counter, you are given plate and a croissant to start you off. My croissant had this extra pointy bit on the middle, it's like they knew I was going to blog about them so they gave me extra. Then it's a case of help yourself, freshly baked bread awaits you, along with cereals, muesli, fruit, continental meats and cheeses, the traditional fry, the swiss staple (potato rosti, nom) and bizarrely enough some pasta dish (I guess veering more towards the lunch side of brunch).

The revelation was this Spinach and Goats cheese spread (that green thingy on my plate) I went back for forths with that one. Nom Nom Nom. Also of note is the decor, this place pretty funky I must say, an assortment of different light fixtures (some working some not) spray painted turquoise, litter the ceiling. Along with obligatory disco ball and throughout, portraits by one particular street artist.

Our waitress was an absolute delight, incredibly friendly and only too glad to answer our questions (of which there were many) in English.  Of note is that Huusmaa is not open for business on a Saturday, rather the premises is rented out for large parties and such on this day. Sadly as well just as we were leaving one of this waitress's cakes collapsed on itself, she took it in her stride like a trooper and laughed it off. It made me want to buy the whole thing off her, cuteness.

All in all Hussmaa was a complete success.

Noms: 4 Noms out of 5

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  1. Great food and awesome art. Sounds like a perfect place to enjoy brunch