Monday, 18 June 2012

Man-Boy no more?

Is that another wrinkle? Who cares!
Next month is my birthday and I will be entering what is known as my late twenties. To be honest I quite relish getting older, you grow up, tend to make less of an ass of yourself and men tend to get better looking with age. So I've that to look forward to.

Although lately I've been thinking with the entering of this age milestone how long more can I continue with my Man-Boy ways before it just becomes sad? Is it time for throw out my Converse? Should I bin my Superhero t-shirts? Is it time to hang up my Nerf gun (but I only just got it and have yet to have a 'Spaced' inspired shootout)?

How long before it's creepy that I am first in line to a Pixar film yet have no child of my own? So far I've managed to get by all these years of my twenties with my child like demeanor coming off as cute. For how much longer? When will someone turn to me and tell me to grow the hell up. I've been finding myself getting worse rather than better. I crave more and more of the things that make me happy and they are ultimately juvenile. Is this wrong? Should I change? I've noticed some gray hairs (someone once, years ago told me Gingers don't go gray and I believed them, so this was a bit of a shock to me), should I take these as a sign, a sign to finally grow up and stop regressing. Even with music, I've been listening more and more to the albums that made me happy when I was but a teeny booper, I scream along to Jimmy Eat Worlds 'Bleed American' and reminisce of teenage puppy love and smelling freshly cut grass on a summers evening listening to this album when I should have studying for my Leaving Certificate exams.

Is it time to give away my Xbox 360 and Wii consoles (ha, over Husbands dead body)? To finally stop watching cartoons (but the Legend of Korra is amazing)?

Not yet, I can't do it. Not just yet.



  1. Psshh, I vote you NEVER do it. As long as you're being adult where it counts (financial responsibility, being professional in your career, not being stupid in relationships), then you certainly don't have to give up your childhood loves! The wisest and white-bearded people I know always tell me you should grow older, not grow up. And they should know. What with being old and all.

    And Legend of Korra is AMAZING! Whhhhyyyy would you give that up before the season's even over?!?!

    1. Honesty Emma I don't see me ever changing, why give something up if it makes you happy but I just thought I'd have a bit of a muse on it.

  2. Don't go changing! To try to please meh.. Cos that means we all have to grow up and I don't wanna! Also I am a year older than you so if you change I'm a year behind.

    Also I need to steal some cartoons off you. And adults don't steal, but kildults do!

    1. Meh dun think I will Momo, it was a muse but nah gonna change.

      Yup come get me cartoons, they's awesome. Korra yet?

    2. No:( My laptop is a hot mess. Literally. Burnt my leg. If I can get it onto my phone though, hurrah? Or just watch it on your laptop when I see you?


    3. Burny laptop ouch. Yup we can Korra together. Soon me Blogbum