Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Musings from my Mammy

Not my Mammy, my one is less criey

Actual conversation with my mother when I was back in Ireland. The subject of my abilities on the soccer pitch came up.

Mammy: 'I remember watching you out in that field playing football when you were just a wee boy'

GBM: 'Oh yeah Ma?

Mammy: 'Oh yes, I used see you run in the opposite direction of the ball'

GBM: 'And you were surprised when you found out I was gay'

Mammy: 'Ah now, you were too young then to know yourself, how was I to know. I just thought you'd grow out of it'

GBM: 'Never did, did I'

Mammy: 'I guess not'

Irish mammies, you gotta love em. I know I do mine


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