Thursday, 21 June 2012

GBM needs a Haircut

My hair is ridiculously long and it's driving me mental. I've been holding off getting it cut until I fly home to Ireland tomorrow. Going to go to my regular guy because he is amazing and doesn't cost 100 francs (come on Switzerland, it's mens hair, there ain't much of it). So for the past few days I've been the Ginger Hat Man, not allowing my unruly lion's mane out to be seen.

This is fine for now because I had this trip back to Ireland planned for some time but flying home every few months or so to get a haircut is not maintainable and is a false economy. Eventually I need to find a good barber that won't bankrupt me in der Schweiss. Suggestions welcome readers. What I do know for sure is that come next Wednesday I will look like this again.....

Obviously without the natural sepia tint, that's Instagram's doing (yes I know, I suck). I feel better just thinking about it, ahhhh, soon. A haircut you can set your watch by.


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