Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Friends like These

First wine of many consumed that day

When you have particular sense of humor, repetitive, juvenile, filled with vulgarity and just verging on slightly off kilter, there is a potential risk of you not finding common ground with people and finding friends that actually get you, especially if you come from a very small town like I did. That's why I feel so fortunate to have quite a large group of friends the majority of which I had met when I was still in secondary school (High School for my North American readers).  When I think back on it now what bonded us together was our differences, we were all a little weird, a little strange, with that same dark, off kilter, slightly juvenile sense of humor. We shared a love of music and alternative lifestyles, of not following the path expected of us and of getting together to just laugh our asses off, with, at and because of each other. It was hard to leave them behind but what I know and love about this mutually appreciating band of merry weirdos is the fact that we can go for days, months, years even, without seeing each other and pick up exactly where we left off. Let us meet and let us laugh. I tend not to name names or talk about anyone on my Blog without their express permission so the rest of this post will be focused on Blog Bomb but I just want the rest of my gang to know how much they mean to me and that I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to be fartarded with.

Blog Bomb and I met about 6 years ago and there was an instant connection, we could spend periods of almost 24 hours in one go in each others presence laughing at each others stupidity and childish behavior. No one else shares my love of making up terrible dance moves to even more terrible pop tunes. We share a love of absolute repetition, of playing our new most favorite you tube video or cheesy song du jour 150 times in a period of 7 hours. Our song of the weekend this time was 'Move This' by Technotronic.

  Not original video, fan made one with people doing silly dancing, feels more fitting:

We actually played this song in a hotel when they stopped playing their own tunes and began dancing around our phones with enjoyment, much to the general disapproval of the hotel guests. Who were we hurting? It takes a true kindred to enjoy a silly hat montage with a giant  Man-Boy with absolutely no shame or embarrassment, in fact with absolute gusto.

Our joy and excitement at being back in each others (and the rest of my posse) presence lead to maybe one too many drinks being consumed. It takes a true friend to get you out of a nightclub early on in the night before you lose your last shred of dignity (the key indicator being that we kept ending up in a giggling pile on the floor whilst practicing our dance moves, got the knee bruises to prove it). Time to leave, home to bed and asleep before 12 o'clock. And moreover it takes a true friend to let you know that whilst an outfit maybe be sliming it ultimately clashes with your hair (actually Husband's words but he's a true friend too and one of the best).

I didn't buy it in the end

Ahh precious memories.



  1. So cute B-dong! Come on move this!

    1. Had an Ah-mah-zing time with you Momo. Next time in my homestead, jesh?