Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Michael C Hall

Hot Ginger is early this week as I'm feeling lazy and I can usually throw these together on the quick. Step up to the plate mister Dexter Morgan himself. It is no mean feat to play a serial killer and not only make him likable but also sexy.

It's a weird one this, as David Fisher in Six Feet Under I never really found him that sexy. I think it was maybe because that character was so uptight. Then Dexter came along and when I saw that opening credit sequence I was like hello Michael C Hall, you have arrived.

With each new season we see Dexter develop his humanity and also his sexuality and ability to be intimate with other people (he starts out almost impotent). So with each new season we've watched Mr Hall become more and more attractive. 

Careful though now, this is one Hot Ginger that you don't want to turn you back on (well, if you are another killer yourself at least). 



  1. I would do unspeakable things to that man.

    1. You won't catch me disagreeing with you here

  2. This dude may be a doppelganger for a certain Collywoggs I know!

  3. He has a full beard now and it's so sexy.

    I would love to see Dexter with the sexy beard as well.

  4. gingers are gross