Thursday, 28 June 2012

GBM Needs a Haircut: Updated

Apologies for my incredibly smug mug
I just felt amazing at this point

My hair has been chopped. Yay I feel so lightheaded now. My guy is an absolute craftsman, watching him work is like watching an artist about about to finish his next masterpiece, the concentration and focus on the man. I mean it's just hair like but then he stands back and you see the finished product and you are all like ahhh, yes you are a genius. No doubt I won't be able to style it again the way it is in the pic, mostly because I am lazy and also I can't really work a hairbrush and hairdryer at the same time, I suck like that.

So three cheers for a light head for these warm summer months, to my visible greys disappearing (had them in the tufts on my side), to looking fabulous and all for just €20. Take that Swiss hairdressers charging 70 francs.




  1. Yay!! Douch hammer! Very handsome :)

    1. My culmination of those words we want to say but society frowns on, thus Douchehammer, you know what I meant ;-D

  2. I like. You have a right to look a little smug