Friday, 8 June 2012

Pronounced with a Silent J: Mark III

Went out for another jog yesterday, probably my personal best yet in terms of distance and lack of tortuous stitches. It was a 25 degree day in Zurich and the sun was shining when I started. Things were going great, my app told me I was halfway so I did a 180 and started making my way back. It was at this point the rain came, at first I thought it was exhilarating, light speckles for rain to cool me down in this sweaty summer heat. Listening to some old school nineties trance I started to quicken my pace.

Then the heavens opened, the downpour came and I could barely see a few steps in front of me. Still kinda exhilarating up until a giant bolt of lighting struck close by me, suddenly leaves and branches were falling all around me, twirling in the air. If I wasn't nearly wrecked by this stage I should have been running for cover or my life (overdramatic yes, but that's who I am). What was exhilarating was becoming a tad hurricane like. But it did give me an incentive to run faster.

When I finally made it home I looked like this.

My runners had become a squelch-factory of moistness. Nary a part of me was not soaked.

Swimming Pool Runners anybody?
 That said it could of been worse. A tree nearly fell on Husband (he's fine by the way).

Awesome Jogging Tuneage:


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