Thursday, 23 August 2012

Music Festival Bye-Bye

All right my lovely Gingettes, that's it from me until Tuesday I reckon. I am going all Ghost Protocal on your asses, as I am off to Zurich Open Air music festival for the next 4 days and similarly to Craig David but a different day I need to chill on Monday.

I am sure to be back with loads of pics and updates on the event soon. Till then love you loads and here's a video from one of my favorite bands that's playing; Chemical Brothers, also featuring the lead singer from another of my favorite bands playing Bloc Party on vocals, see what I did there?




  1. Have fun, stay hydrated and no kissing random strangers and see you back again soon

    1. Ha ha what do you take me for Mynx, plus Hubby will b in too so all kisses for him. Ta very much

  2. Have a blast, GBM! Beware of the dreded hangover.

  3. The beginning of that song sounded like the band Orgy. youtube it if you have to.