Thursday, 30 August 2012

Battle of the Music Festivals: Swiss vs Irish: Zurich Open Air vs Electric Picnic

Having recently attended Zurich Open Air it got me thinking and comparing it to my favourite music festival in Ireland; Electric Picnic (on this weekend at home and I can't go, waa waa, there's always next year). I've been going to the Picnic on and off for nearly 6 years and it holds a truly special place in my heart.

Yes I did actually see this one year at EP,
Vader was kinda a Short-Arse in real life

So how did Zurich Open Air measure up? Well considering it is only in it's second year I have to say it did reasonably well but I haven't fallen out of love with my Picnic yet. Here's some of the pros and cons of both.

This guy was giving free hugs at ZOA
  • Price: 220 CHF for four days vs €260 for 3 days, ZOA is the winner here in terms of value for money.
  • That said there is more to do and see in those 3 days at EP, more acts, more variety, more food stalls
  • Friendly festival vibe, I made no festival friends at ZOA, I usually make at least 2 a day at EP. Now this could be down to a language barrier on my end, I am still trying to learn the German.
  • You can very easily make your way to the front of the stage at ZOA whilst you are likely to get squished to bits at the front of any stage at EP.
  • EP is the festival for people who do not like going to festivals, amazing showers, powder rooms, you can book yourself to get your hair and nails did and even the possibility to relax in a hot tub, cleanse the muck off and cleanse your soul, ahhhhhhh. Also there is comedy, cookery demonstrations, arts and crafts and a play area for your children (under 12's only, no teenagers allowed).
  • ZOA had the cleanest toilet facilities for any festival I have ever attended, real toilets that flush, toilet paper never ran out, power hosed clean each day, there is a lot to be said for a freshly clean bowl at a music festival
  • Beer: You can get half a pint of beer at ZOA for 5 francs vs a pint at EP for 5 euro. Clear winner here. But the bars at ZOA never close, I mean you can continue to buy beer until 5 in the morning. EP closes at 10pm sharp but on the flip side you should be able to sneak your campsite beer into the grounds at this stage without meeting resistance.
  • EP has a rave in the woods! A rave in the woods!
  • ZOA has DJ's playing until 5 in the morning.
  • I did not camp at ZOA but it is more than likely if I did that no one would go to the toilet on my tent (yes this happened once, god damn drunken Irish!)
  • Yet at EP I've spent many hours in tents with my closest friends in the world laughing our asses off, memories I shan't forget. 
  • It rained at ZOA, can't even get the weather but it did remind me of home.
  • Also most of the line up at ZOA I had already seen play EP.
  • ZOA had a milkshake stand, vanilla milkshake massaged my throat each day after all my screaming from the night before.
  • EP takes place on my Shire, my country of birth, my home.

3D show for Kraftwerk at ZOA, yes please

I think it will be a good while before my love of EP will die but I can allow some space in my heart for more than one music festival. 

Till next year to you both my dearests. I cannot wait.


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