Saturday, 25 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 2: Washout

So there seems to be a pattern forming here, I have to say that 'Soulwax' were the best of the fest for day two, again did not expect this because again I have seen them so many times but on the day they were the best. For a multitude of reasons, in particular they were the only dry full set I managed to take in that day seeing how the heavens opened during 'The White Lies'. I expected 'The Prodigy' to maybe be the best of the night but they didn't play some of my fav songs (no 'Out of Space', criminal). Then 'The Chemical Brothers' I thought would steal the night but alas it was not to be, it was a DJ set so none of their hits. It was a pretty fantastic set once it got going but I think there was a problem with the lighting in the dance tent, there were none in the end so it really could have been anyone up on that stage, couldn't see nowt.

Of honrorable mention was 'The Whitest Boy Alive' who is literally really the whitest boy alive and managed to spread some funk in the early hours of the day, a lot of shoulder bopping for his set indeed.

Yesterday was a bit of wet disaster, very chubby rain and Husband was wearing White Converse Hi-Tops (the horror) but it did feel like I was back home at a festival in Ireland. Plus day one has given me serious farmer tan so I truly look like an Irish Festival attendee.

So day 3 beckons, I'm a little fragile after the two days previous but ready to see 'Boy', 'Bloc Party', 'Mogwai' and a 3D spectacular show provided by 'Kraftwerk'. Bound to be interesting.




  1. Love that you have "very chubby rain". Now you look after yourself and keep drinking that water

    1. Lol thanks Mynx, you really were looking after me from so far away this weekend

  2. This festival sounds awesome!