Sunday, 12 August 2012

Blog Bomb: Yay and Nay

Happy August everyone!

Ooo yay!

I recently attended my first musical in London, yay! It was 'Thriller Live' featuring the songs of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Omg. Just said his name and then said it slow and though, eww. Jacks on.Get your jacks on! Eww. Anyway, musicals are kind of expensive, but they are so much fun I would definitely recommend them.

And OMG, I had completely forgot that he was possibly a pervert by the end. It was sooo good!
Dancing fun, all their old music stuff and new stuff, the cast were amazing. It was weird that the four main singers, singing together, managed to sound like Michael. What I will say is that there was a short period of time in the 90s, around the time he started melting, that he really got the worlds energy.. I wonder what would have happened if he had not started drinking bleach and suffering from meltman syndrome?

Heal the world, such a beautiful song.. Listen link noice?
There's a place in your heart (for dead popstars)

Irrelevant picture of a bumbear
necklace I saw on holidays.
Everyone should wear, EVERYONE!

Oooo noo!

The daily mail recently 'published' an article about people without facebook profiles being potentially psycho.. Their premise was that someone without a strong online presence is suspicious. I personally think the smello daily mail has a lot to answer for in terms of plastering pictures of skinny minnies and fatty watties, telling us who looks what way and why they are shite. It is pretty difficult to be and stay content in the world as it is, without having external media tell you what you should think about someone.

Aagh! As a falsebook defector I am hopefully not teetering on the edge of sanity anymore than another person.. Even if I ate a salad for brekkie. At 5am. Watching Daywatch (amazing dark Russian film, google!).  There was an apple in it though (the salad, and possibly the film too)! Plus summer salads are delicious all summer long, especially when Irish summer is only one day.

Personally the reason I decided to delete it was because I spent a lot of time judging others according to what I saw there rather than what I felt when I met them. Its a really projected perception, right, and without any context? And I also realised that I had lost the spontaneity of saying 'What are you up to these days', instead saying 'Oh, I saw your pictures of your holidays, you climb trees in your spare time!'. Friendships became almost like an interview. And then finally, I found also that I spent some time comparing my hobbies to others and wondering why I wasn't like them in terms of interest. Why don't I want to jump out of a plane or run?  Its so easy to compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking, even if you were never interested in playing basketball in the nip in the first place.

I must say thanks to ginger blog man for showing me the innocent, open and positive side to the internets. I think a blog is much nicer as you end up able to show a more rounded side of yourself, more honestly and explained.

As long as we have good friends in this world, get outside and move, and work towards being ourselves, all will be ok.

Spank you GBM! Love you! x

Blog Bomb


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    1. Not me Becca but my Guestie Blog Bomb but yes totally agree :-D

    2. Ah ta very much yay!

  2. If you liked Day Watch, check out Night Watch - it's the first part of the series of books that they also made into a film. I don't know that they've ever made the other two into pictures, but the books (if you're a reader) are fantastic.

    1. Omg I know, very excellent writer is Mr. Lukyanenko! I love the translation of the books, it still seems very Russian. Both Nightwatch and Daywatch were made into movies with an option for twilight watch that never happened :( If you have any reading suggestions though, please let me know!

  3. I love you too Blog Bomb and this post is so lovely and such a great way to keep in touch having you blurb on here every now and again. I am glad you are getting so much from the Blogging, I am too, it makes me so happy :-D

  4. Ha, I was reading and it really didnt feel like the gorgeous GBM and then I saw the signature at the bottom.
    Great guest. I would love to see that musical, fingers crossed it will come our way

    1. Yes I've decided to add Blog Bombs name to the start of posts from now on so it makes more sense when she guest trolls. Cheers Mynx I'd like to see it too, can't get enough musicals really.