Thursday, 23 August 2012

Prince Harry: Hottest Ginger of the Ever?

Okay so yesterday thanks to all that hubbub of those pictures leaking on TMZ (I won't be reposting but for that one person that hasn't seen yet, type 'Prince Harry Naked' into Google) has seen the most visitors to my wee little Blog in a day ever. 1211 to be precise.

All down to the fact that I once featured this Royal in my Hot Ginger of the Week section, why thank you blurry naked pictures of Harry, you have made me popular (just goes to show what people on this world wide web really want, should I sex up my image? Hmmm, I probably won't).

This has got me thinking about where my little weekly post will eventually go, I mean there is quite a possibility that one day I will run out of Hot Gingers right? (suggestions people!) That said this is not why I started Blogging, it's just something silly I did that really took off on my site probably down to the good Search Engine Optimisation (see if you type hot prince harry ginger in Google you'll probably get me. And without out even realising I did this! Yay Internet). So eventually I might have to crown a winner for HGOTW and well, at the moment it is looking to be our favorite 'Jack the Lad' Royal. I was way off thinking it would probably be Christina Hendricks.

Harry you are awesome, don't ever change.

Oooh err, I say, good chap.