Wednesday, 29 August 2012

GBM Loves Music: Jasmine by Jai Paul

You guys are probably so sick of all my music posts at the moment but I had to share this. Blog Bomb actually introduced me to this song way back when I visited her last but I couldn't remember the name of it until a mutual friend of ours recently posted it on her Facebook wall (yes Jackbot it is you I speak of). When she posted it her exact words were 'this song is like crack', couldn't have said it better myself, I have it on repeat.

Jai Paul is a producer from the UK who when he really feels like it, though extremely rarely will put out a song of his own. So far in his career two of his own tracks have appeared; 'BTSTU' and the song below. I fear it will be an extremely long wait for an album from this reluctant music genius but no doubt it will be worth the wait.


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