Thursday, 2 August 2012


Da Fook?!?

This week saw the arrival of old friend of mine from college. She moved over to Zurich with her work too, just like Husband. She is also a fellow Blogger, check her stuff out here.

So we got together, we got silly, we drank all the alcohol ever and decided to invent a new language which basically amalgamates our usual Irishisms with our very basic knowledge of German.

'Grand Job' became 'Grand Arbeit'.

'Lovely Hurling' evolved to 'Schon Hurling'

'Howaya Horse' transitioned to 'Howya Pferd'

And my personal favorite 'Haben Sie der Shift letzte Nacht? which of course is 'Did you get the shift last night?

I'm feeling it will definitely catch on, what do y'all think?

Now if I can only figure out how to say 'Where shall I put the donkey?' then I will be sorted.


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