Monday, 27 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 4: And They Chilled on Sunday

By Day 4 you could see that the bounce was lost from the majority of the weary festival goers, tiredness from the days before and the caked on mud was beginning to take it's tole. Luckily I had a secret weapon up my sleeves to give me some renewed energy to make it through Day 4.

Husband was unable to attend Day 4 so his pass for the day went to fellow Blogger Cecily (check out her Blog here). Her enthusiasm for the festival, seeing how it was her first day in attendance was exactly what I needed to make it through the last day, it was contagious.

I was glad of it, as there was a moment when I was sitting down on the benches eating some food where I was thinking you know what, sod this I am just going to pack it in and skip 'Hot Chip' as I had seen them before but I managed to hold on until their set.

So glad I did as it was spectacular and the highlight of the day. The band has evolved since I last saw them and the addition of the live drummer is a welcome surprise (I never thought they needed one but the enthusiasm and joy former 'New Young Pony Club' member Sarah Jones brings to the ensemble is electric).

I was expecting the second best of the day to be Yann Tierson and yes whilst very good indeed he did not play any of the score to the movie 'Ameile' for which he first came to my attention so that kinda made me a little sad. So the honors go to an adorable sister duo from Sweden called 'First Aid Kit'. They're early afternoon set did not wrangle a large crowd but was delight to the ears for any who managed to see it.

So that's it then, I did it, I survived, not too dehydrated and I didn't lose my voice from shouting along to the music. All and all a fantastic few days was had.

Bring on next year.