Sunday, 26 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 3: The Muddening

So after the rain of the night before came the inevitable drenching of mud, that field near Zurich airport may never look the same again. It's difficult to spot a single blade of grass any more but Husband and I had learned from our mistake previous and wellies were the fashion of the day for us.

There were a lot of great performances today and some I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did but I will give the honor of best of the day to 'Bloc Party' on the basis of them making me flashback to my college days. Their set was heavy with tracks from their new album 'Four' and only one track was played off 'Intimacy' but it was still a blinder. Yes yes yes.

There are a good few of Honorable mentions, 'Kraftwerk's' 3D show was a sight to behold but at time ventured between being inspired to tiresome. It was hard to get a rhythm going. 'Boy' probably gave one of the more adorable performances of the entire festival with the lead singer just so gosh darn excited to be playing her home city. But I think second best of the night went to Nero, a dubstep trio from the UK. Really did not expect to like these guys so much but they sure knew how to get me up off that floor and dancing my ass off. Props given where props are deserved.

I'm tired, my bones ache, my lips are like sandpaper but I am ready for the final day. 'Yann Tiersen' and 'Hot Chip' are a calling and we still need to spend the last of our fake festival money. Bring it on and then followed by some much needed rest.



  1. Stay strong sweet man, only one more day to go.
    Have fun and hydrate (yeah, I keep saying it lol)

  2. Nero! (love the video you posted and the sound) Makes me want to dance!!!! I must know.... Do you like Mike Posner? Not even sure why I'm asking... Some of his music sounds a tad similar (especially his more recent stuff, electonic beats, synthesizer, etc). Oh, and I've seen a couple of pics where his hair looked lighter rather that darker (at least his beard did) and I'm thinking he might be a "ginger!" His hair is mostly always shaved, but if he is indeed a ginger, he get's my vote! (possible nominee, perhaps?) I'm in love not only with him but his music too.