Friday, 24 August 2012

Zurich Open Air Day 1: Best of the Fest

Surprisingly Lykke Li was the best of the night, now I mean surprisingly because I've seen Lykke Li five times live so I was going in thinking yeah whatever, but damn girl does know how to put on a good show. I do wish she wouldn't wear as much black as she does but I guess that is her look.

Close second was Simian Mobile Disco, nom nom, dancy pants.

Bring on day two, Prodigy, 2manydjs and Chemical Brothers. Yes I will be dancing, oh yes.



  1. How cool! I'm learning bout some new groups. I love Chemical Brothers. Anyways, I really liked the sound of "Hustler"... can't wait to read more. Either I'm living under a rock or these groups do not get a lot of the spotlight here in the states because I'd remember them! My son and I just finished dancing to the "Hustler" song ;)