Thursday, 12 July 2012

Your Words can Here Go

Okay so I just woke from a nap and am feeling kinda grumpy. Say you just awake from a power nap or too early in the morning and for about a 30 minute window if anyone was to interact with you, your reaction to them would be 'Don't make me cut you'. It usually passes and then I am back to my usual lovely self. Anyone else have this affliction?

Anywho so yeah I just woke up from a power nap, been having a few this week (need to get back running again, never had this problem when I exercised), woke up and I'm all I don't want to write a post, you can't make me bitch. So I decided I wouldn't actually write a post today but instead ask people to start writing them for me, which in fact constitutes me actually writing a post. Ha, I am so god damn fucking meta like that.

So yeah if there is anybody out there that thinks they have something relevant to my little Ginger Blog World to say, get in contact with me, I already have one little Guestie with Blog Bomb but I'd love some more, this thing is supposed to be about interacting anyway. Also vice versa I'd love to have my say on your Blog too, give me something to write about other than those elusive hot gingers. I'm up for anything as long as it's something that wouldn't offend my Mammy back in Ireland.

Send me an email at and lets get interacting.

Can't wait



  1. Guest posts can be a lot of fun. Done it once or twice myself.
    I would be happy to have you come play on my blog sometime if you like.

    1. Get in contact Mynx, you have me email and yes I'd love to do something for your Blog, you give me a topic or an idea and I start working on it, awesome!

  2. chooplah tells me you may be my wonderfully gay blog soul mate. i can't help but agree...

    1. Ahhhhh, OMG, there is another! Wow, you Mister are going on my blogroll, gotta lot of reading to catch up on :-D