Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why Hangover? Why?

Why am I hungover today? I wasn't drunk last night. Am I getting old? Can I no longer have a glass or two of wine or a couple of beers without feeling like reusable toilet roll? Is this fair?

I believe a hangover is perfectly justifiable if you have literally gone hell for leather the night before and you were in the absolute horrors but not for this, I do not deserve this. Sitting through what little of my German class I managed make it to (I may have been a bit late) was an arduous affair. With each new verb conjugation adding to my ill at ease. To the point where I wanted to scream very loudly at the teacher and the class.


Hide in a corner, hide away, eat whatever I can find, must be easy to prepare or I can't be arsed, drink water, feel sorry for self, watch entire season of some TV show someone, somewhere told you is awesome, eat some more, get angry at lack of productivity, feel fat, feel thin, eat some more, drink more water, think of exercising, probably do not, feeling better, drink more water, move to second season of said show. 

Hangover gone.

Now don't come back you unwelcome bastard.


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  1. That bear is awesome!Hope you are good. Love love! x