Friday, 13 July 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Karen Elson

I was vaguely aware of Ms Elson during her time as a supermodel and I thought she was interesting. Fare play to you love, doing us gingers proud. But it was when she became Mrs Jack White (now ex) that I suddenly began to stand up and take notice of this English rose.

Through this union we suddenly saw a different level to Karen, from her initial appearance in the White Stripes 'Blue Orchid' music video and her eventual evolution as a singer/songwriter in her own rite. Naysayers came down on Karen's debut album 'The Ghost who Walks' complaining that it had her then husbands finger prints all over it. If true, who cares, you cannot deny the album's quality. These 12 tracks drip with, longing, lust and a raw sexuality not heard since Isobel Campbell decided to team with Mark Lanegan.

 I greatly anticipate the follow up and seeing how Jack is now out of the picture we will know for sure whether or not the album was all his orchestrating. That said you cannot deny the voice, it's her dulcet tone that makes the listen an altogether more sexy affair and this is something Jack could not have done with his vocal. More please, more.


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