Monday, 16 July 2012

A Man-Boy's Mirth: Dogs with Beards

Whilst out for a jog yesterday I stumbled upon a trio of dogs, all different breeds, all black and all of them sporting their own tiny dog beard. This made me happier than a young Dublin twink at a Lady GaGa concert.

I don't know what it is about these tiny rugged friends that make me go all gooey and giggly but I think it all started when I saw 'Colin' the dog on the TV show 'Spaced'. This dog was absolutely adorable and what a hilarious choice of name for a dog.

I've always wanted to name my first dog Colin as I love the idea that if I was to talk about him in public to those not in the know you wouldn't automatically assume it was a dog by his name. This could make for many hilarious misunderstandings of conversations with strangers like:

GBM: 'Colin kept me up all last night'

GBM: 'Colin won't stop licking my face all the time'

GBM: 'Colin took a shit in the living-room again'

Ha ha, god my sense of humor is becoming more and more twisted. Anyway my point is dogs with beards make me lol.




  1. A friend has a schnauzer. Gorgeous dog with a lovely beard. Does make me smile to see it

  2. The last dog reminds me of Mr. Miyagi! And the first one has the cutest legs. I like normal human names for dogs just seems less humiliating for everyone when you're calling for your dog at the park.