Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blog Bomb: Oh time, I wasted so much time worrying about you!

Happy birthday Ginger Blog Man!

I am guest posting while he is off on a sexy holiday.

My life as a fractal , Aged 28
I am not in a random mood. Surprisingly!

As my birthday also approaches, I am attempting to repel any feelings that I am not doing things the correct way, within the correct time frame. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Poor me, poor me, pour me another wine! (And I am not just referring to my kidneys and liver here, I love those little filter bags!)

People do not automatically become more mature because they are older.

I am still not a grown up. I look too young and have to work hard to make sure I am taking care of myself. I have to make a big effort to be taken seriously by some people. I am still learning how to construct the correct ways of dealing with personal issues. I used to think that if you hid away, you would avoid conflict. I was wrong. Because no one is the same.

What do you think space monkey?

As my life unfolds I question humanity's approach to time more and more. Time is just another dimension of space that we are propelled through linearly. It has been taken on as a social construct, which is dumb as our perception of this plane is subjective and therefore different for everyone. Spacetime is a concept that is not graspable by many.. I do believe I understood it for a brief window of 2005.. the psychadelic awakening that swept through Ireland.. you know what I'm taking about Irish hippies! But now we are absurdly preoccupied with the perspective that we can have an effect on it.. 'Lets make today go quickly' or 'Give me more time'.

Our 24 hour time frame is merely an applied constant. It really means sweet little in the context of mind.

What we can do to be less unhappy, is to be in the now and stop attempting to manipulate time. Try and live momentarily. Use the time we have, see? Keep our past behind us and make our present and future the one by not thinking about wasting time or being afraid we are missing out. And tell the truth to the best of our abilities.

I tried an experiment where I said yes to everything for a week. This was of course outside of working hours which is not really our own time. It was emotionally exhausting and draining and fun and kind of expensive. But the surprising thing I learned was that the time construct can be let go. Things will happen the correct way, if we let them. Nothing is ever really wrong, just different. There is no loss in letting go, as just for now becomes all now.

This has been a weird post, I have done my best to not go off on other tangents..erg.


P.S. I counted and I only said time sixteen times, including these three! Not a waste of time at all.


  1. I have a birthday coming up too! And I'm not mature yet either and I fluctuate between looking too you and starting to look way older than I think I am, depending on the day. Life's a weird rollercoaster... I had a really hard time with the not being taken seriously part for a long time. It gets easier. That's my only advice, now... where's the birthday cake?
    Happy Birthday Ginger Blog Man and happy upcoming birthday to you to Blogbomb

  2. Hey Kelly. When your birdy?! I am glad someone else feels the same. If only I could get it together to stop wearing so much pink.. the techno slut look probably can't last past 30 :(
    I ate strawberries and cream with walnuts, NOMMA NOMMA!
    Gingerblog man probably ate a three course meal in a sexy restaurant.