Sunday, 28 October 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes

This was the scene last weekend, 24 degrees Celsius in Lucerne (75F), the sun blaring down from the a top the Alps.  Sitting out on a swimbad with my sister and her husband who were over visiting, enjoying one last Aperol Spritz (tastes like summer). It was like an Indian summer last weekend.

This weekend on the other hand looks a bit like this...

Gotta love Zurich. I do feel slightly discombobulated, I mean Winter Wonderland before Halloween has even been and gone. Well it's probably for the best that I got this job. Money so I can begin another new adventure, one that involves winter sports. Yes, I will be learning to ski and/or snowboard this winter.

Bring it on Switzerland. I am ready for it.



  1. Amazing how quickly the weather changes. Areas around me got snow early last week. I don't think it really stuck, but still, it was snowing. lol

  2. The weather has been freaky lately. I am preparing for the Frakenstorm(hurricane/snowstorm).

  3. You're coming into winter as well? Sucks doesn't it? Or is it just me. I hate winter! Already missing the summertime!

  4. Ummm snow is amazing!!! Have you decided snowboarding/skiing yet? I'm a boarder and I love it....might have to come for a sneaky visit ;-) xx