Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Alicia Witt

What ever happen to Alicia Witt? Why does she not grace us with her presence anymore? I remember in the late 90's it appeared her star was on the rise with big TV roles such as Zoey in Cybil and Hope in Ally McBeal and even a lead role in slasher movie Urban Legend (I know people think this is a terrible movie but I kinda have a soft spot for it).

Then what happened? She has since seemed to be relegated to supporting and walk on roles on television  I don't understand really but I guess it's just the way Hollywood can go sometimes.

Here's hoping she has something up her sleeve for the future to bounce back onto our radar.



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  2. She just starred in a very good remake of COMA. It's a 2-part, four hour (with commercials) mini-series for A&E (The Walking Dead) cable channel. I did a complete post on it (see like below) and you should be able to find it online.

    Good luck on the job!!

  3. She is so beautiful. She is a great actress. I loved Urban Legend. I have it on DVD. :-)

  4. She's a beauty but I don't recall seeing her in anything. Though she looks a little like a girl from that movie... oh what was the name of it ... 2 weeks notice.. the new assistant he hired.. Oh well.