Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Best Friends with the Best Hands

Listen up all you readers situated in West Cork Ireland (of which I probably have none, haha), I got something to say to y'all. Now this is probably gonna come off like a sponsored post but I assure you nothing was exchanged for the promotion of this service I'm about to tell you all about. At least nothing other than this person being the most awesome spectacular friend any little Irish guy (or big and awkward in my case) could ask for and fantastic at her job.

So context people, the little lady in this pic is Carol and she is my oldest, closest and dearest friend for neigh on nearly 24 years now. We've known each other other most of our lives, she grew up in the neighbourhood right beside mine in our tiny town, she is the Joey Potter to my gay Dawson Leary (we all know he was probably gay, come on no real 15 year old straight male goes on like that, no wonder she ended up with Pacey, I mean subtext people ;-P). No but seriously, she is awesome!

So over the last few years my bestie has been making the move to make Massage her career, she took a course in Dublin (came out top in her class even) and has been my personal masseuse for the last two years before I packed up everything and moved all the way to Zurich. Seriously I do miss it, if you are reading this Caroly I would gladly use my first paycheque to fly you over, I need one after all this running I've been doing this last while.

Carol has a similar story to mine to tell as she recently packed in her life in Dublin to move to a new location. Where as my move brought, Swiss-German and the financial capital of Switzerland, Carol's repositioning saw her end up in a tiny town in the south of Ireland called Drimoleague (in West Cork, beautiful area) and whilst not technically a new language to learn, Cork people have been at times known to speak in a tongue not quite discernible to our outsider ears. It was an opportunity to grow her own business as a masseuse in a new state of the art fitness centre that took my bestie to this new location.

My loss is their gain as I have to say she is the best masseuse I ever had. Now I know you all think I am probably bias but when you think about it it's kinda a weird situation to strip down and get up on a table to allow your best friend to touch you up. Yet through it all she always made sure I was relaxed and didn't feel weird. We'd shoot the shit and catch up whilst she worked my muscles or if I wanted total relaxation both be quiet and I'd be known to fall asleep with relaxation.

You don't have to take it from me though as she was also Husband's masseuse and well he did not have the same loyalty to her as I did. Known to prefer only male masseuses (as in his opinion no female was able to apply the right amount of pressure he needed). That was until my bestie and he had nothing but praise for her and her work.

So now she's off, trying to make a name for herself in well, the countryside and I have every faith she will be a rip roaring success. Though I am sure many big successes have had help over the years ergo the point of my little post.

She has a business Blog where you can find details of her rates and massage offered. You can check that out here and on my Blogroll at the side too.

You can also find her on Facebook too (please like and share) and on Twitter (follow, follow, follow). I  do know my readers and a lot of you are mainly from the States and Oz but if you know anyone in the area or if any one who reads knows anyone in need of a excellent massage check out her pages.

Finally I'd like you all to help me wish her the very best in her new career.

Mwah sweetie, love you loads



  1. Never had a massage, not cool with people touching me either though! :) Wishing her the best of luck though!

  2. Aww thank you for the loverly write up B...means a lot. Best friend a gal could ask for:) Also thanks Hey Monkey Butt for the good luck message too. I have to say that I used to hate hugging people and never felt too comfortable around touchy people but I am the complete opposite now after completing the course. Massage is a great way to connect with people and to really ease your body and mind as well as the client's. It relaxes me therefore it relaxes the client. Everyone needs one:) Love ya too Bxxx

  3. I have never had a massage although my sister has them all the time and raves over them but I think you must find a great masseuse other wise you end up in pain...........

    It must be great to have such a great friend, also somthing I have never had........

  4. I got a massage once and wound up with a serious case of vertigo. lol I was so out of it by the time I was done, it took me about 20 minutes to recover. If I ever do one again, it won't be the hour long one! lol