Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hot Ginger of the Week: Josh Homme

This week's Hot Ginger has a difficult appeal to explain. For some Josh is not really that attractive, in fairness I will admit he is a little rough around the edges but Josh's voice and songs ooze sex appeal. Listening to some Queen's of the Stone Age songs such as "Make it with Chu" or "If I had a Tail" and you get it.

This is not a classic good looks recommendation, this is about owning sexiness despite looking like an ex-con. I get something similar when I listen to Mark Lanagan, it's all about that voice and those sex infused lyrics. When you listen you understand he knows exactly what to do to you in the bedroom.

The bad-boy Hot Ginger.



  1. YAY! You're back and showing up with awesome posts like this. I'm so excited to see you're back and this Hot Ging of the Week pick. I'm completely behind and totally respect your choice here. Although pretty boys will always have their appeal, there is something supremely sexy about guys that are a bit rough like this and just own it!

  2. "not really that attractive" ? I guess it's just me, I'm thinking he's pretty cute ;)

  3. As a punk from the old days, I listened to The Dwarves, and they have a song about how Josh screwed the lead singer. Of course I'm getting this third hand from a vague song from the jilted party. So, never mind, my opinion is ill-informed and super dumb-dumb.

  4. I think he is pretty cute and I am pretty happy to see my fave ginge blogging again :)

  5. Fucking sexiest ginger alive. Josh Homme, the only real ginger with a soul.