Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hot Ginger of the Week: Amy Adams

Is Amy Adams hot? Maybe this weeks post should be renamed cute ginger of the week or well, maybe not. She is a beautiful redheaded woman and yes is worth of the label of Hot Ginger of the Week.

Amy first grabbed my attention in the 2005 indie movie 'Junebug' playing the ever bubbly and heavily pregnant Ashley Johnson, a role in which she received her first ever Oscar nomination (she now has had three). After this she became a household name and one of the first ever live action Disney princesses in 'Enchanted'.

She's gone on to have huge success in a long string of movies including last years 'The Muppets' in which she performed this hilarious song.

Girl knows how to have a laugh. Next up for Amy is no doubt another Oscar nom for Paul W Anderson's 'The Master' and in 2013 we will see her grace our screens as Lois Lane. And you know what dear readers she kept the red hair for the role.



  1. Oh wow! Love the Amy Adams Pin-Up picture! I just adore her!!

  2. i adore Amy Adams i tell hubby all the time if i was to leave him for a girl she would be in my top 3
    Come Say HI

    1. Ha ha, thats good to know Becca, glad a redhead made it in :-D

  3. thanks for sharing...

  4. The last picture is not Amy Adams. It's Isla Fischer.